Cocos Celebrates It’s Ninth Anniversary

2019.12.2 Official News by COCOS

Do you remember mobile gaming almost 10 years ago? At that time, Angry Birds was the big hit, people were starting to move to the “smartphone,” and everyone was beginning to see the birth of the next generation in mobile applications.

Back then, building a mobile game (or even an app) seemed to be a challenge. But with the help of Ricardo Quesada, a new game engine called “Cocos2d-python” came to help the average developer build great games for this exciting new platform.

A developer named Walzer Wang was playing around with the next-gen Cocos engine, “Cocos2d-iphone” and found that many of his own improvements made the engine cross-platform, faster, stronger and easier to use. He decided to have his friend, Shun Lin, help him build this new version of Cocos named “Cocos2d-x” and build a business around it. 

Today, 9 years have passed, and now, some of the biggest games on mobile, PC, and consoles are using our Cocos engine to entertain millions around the world.

The first picture of Cocos2d-x

Cocos has been used by some of the biggest companies in gaming today, including Tencent, DeNA, Zynga, and more to produce amazing games with some estimated to be making hundreds of millions of dollars. You’d think with all this success, we forget about those thousands of new developers in schools, colleges, and building games in their spare time needing help to build their dream games.

But, we never forgot them, and we never will. It’s our passion that has helped us to continue our work and strive for our goal to make game development easier for everyone at any level in game development to produce the simplest of games to all-star titles.

We’re celebrating this 9th year with a party for the entire staff with games, prizes, and great food. We’ll be sharing our event pictures next week. We hope you enjoy seeing how much fun we can be when we aren’t building a great game engine.

From the beginning, we’ve worked hard to build up and improve our two great game development products, Cocos2d-x and Cocos Creator. This next year is going to be one of our biggest yet. We hope you join us on this adventure and share your passion for game creation with us on our social media, forums, chat group, and more. We’re ready for the journey, are you?