Bring Your Games To TikTok With Cocos Creator 2.4.2

2020.7.30 Official Blog by COCOS

To download Cocos Creator 2.4.2, please go to our download page and install using the Cocos Dashboard. More information on how to install and full developer notes, are at our forums.

Just a week ago, we released some new platforms for your games with Huawei and LinkSure. Now we have one more big surprise before the end of the month.

The biggest trend being talked about around mobile marketing and the kids is the fun they are having with TikTok, the app that reminds us of the fun, but defunct app Vine, making short fun videos of the world, including vlogs, comedy sketches, dancing pets, and more. TikTok has taken over the world and become a hit with everyone who owns a phone.

TikTok, and a list of other popular apps are owned by the company ByteDance. The company has been talking about gaming in China for quite some time and recently released the platform Byte Games for many of its non-gaming apps, including TikTok.  These games are currently only available in China, so sadly, most people haven’t had a chance to try them out outside the country.

Now for the good news. The Byte games platform is now compatible with Cocos Creator 2.4.1 and 2.4.2! So if you have either version, you can start getting your projects ready and exporting them to this exciting platform.

Byte games

Here is a list of the apps that already have Byte games installed inside them:

TikTok (China edition)  – Though TikTok is an international product, currently, the only version to have Byte games is for gamers in China. We’ll be watching this closely as we know this news is both exciting and intriguing for some developers who want games on the biggest platform for phones today.

Today Toutiao and Today Toutiao Speedy Edition.- Toutiao in Chinese means the lead story, as in the front page news of a newspaper. Both apps are news apps that have been growing in China with Speedy Version being centered on lower-end phones.

ByteDance includes many great traffic portals in natural search, feed streampersonal homepages, small videosvideo comment area, etc. For detailed instructions, please refer to the Understanding Mini Games: Overview of Traffic Portals article (Chinese Only).

In terms of revenue, ByteDance currently supports both advertising and in-app purchases.

Exporting ByteDance Mini Games in Cocos Creator

For games developed with Cocos Creator, developers only need to select the ByteDance game publishing platform when building, and Cocos Creator will automatically complete the adaptation and building.

You will then have to use the ByteDance development tool (available at their website) to finalize your game and have it uploaded to play. Sadly this is all in Chinese, so be prepared that you may have issues with this last step. For more details, please refer to the Publish to Byte Games documentation.

Final Notes

Also, there is more good news: v2.4.1 already supports the the Huawei AppGallery Connect platform, and developers can acesss Huawei HMS Core with one click, currently including account, and services such as paymentadvertisement, as well as supporting pushanalysis, and Geoloaction soon.

Also, Cocos Creator will cooperate with Huawei in all aspects, especially at the technical level, integration with the underlying algorithms of CG Kit, tap Vulkan’s extreme rendering capabilities, release improved graphics rendering performance, and improve rendering efficiency. At the product level, Huawei’s HMS Core and AppGallery Connect will also be successively connected to more high-quality services to help developers develop high-quality games.