Cocos Creator 2.4.4 Comes Weeks Before Our Biggest Update

2021.1.31 Official Blog by COCOS

To update, please go install using the Cocos Dashboard, available here.

We’re almost at the most significant software release since Cocos2d-x 4.0 with Cocos Creator 3.0. But we had one more update to 2.4 to give you before the big day.

As we mentioned in a previous discussion, some developers who are building 2D games have decided not to update Cocos Creator 3.0. We are working with you to continue updating 2.x for the foreseeable future to help you improve your current projects and hope to bring you into 3.x for future projects.

That being said, we are updating 2.4 this month to add a few more improvements to the engine and editor. So we apologize if this blog post is a bit short. We are happy to say, 3.0 is releasing in February, and we’ll be sharing a lot more about its capabilities in the coming weeks.

Byte Game compression

We brought out Byte Games a while ago, allowing you to export mini-games to TikTok (only the Chinese version, Douyin, uses this function at this time), Toutiao (a news app in China), and Toutiao mini, for those not wanting the full app experience.

This release allows you to compress your games to a smaller size as Byte Games have to be less than 4 MB for the initial launch with a total of 16MB for your game. This option is available when you go into the build section of Cocos Creator.

Smaller Updates

Here’s a list of updates that we thought might excite you to know about in this update. If you want a full list, check the developer notes on our blog.

  • Optimizing tff font rendering
  • Update to TypeScript 4.1.3
  • Fixed performance issues with iOS WeChat mini games

For more information on this update, please read the developer log at our forum.

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