Cocos Creator 3.3.2 Brings Compatibility Back To Older Phones

2021.10.12 Official Blog by Luke

Download Cocos Creator 3.3.2 using Cocos Dashboard

We’re back from vacation with a great update helping out those building games. Many developers have shared an issue since 3.1 that they could only support devices with a minimum of iOS 12 or Android 5.0. This left out a lot of older devices. Today, we updated the engine to allow for iOS 10 and higher and Android 4.3 and higher compatibility!

To support iOS 10+, the engine code removed the dependency on C++17.

For Android, some functions of the engine depend on C++17, and some functions require Android API. For the convenience of developers, the function configuration interface of the editor prompts these dependencies.

For example, when Android uses the deferred rendering pipeline, Android API 21+ is required. If the configuration chooses to use the delayed pipeline, the editor will prompt the necessary Android API version.

Of course, we also provide a complete document explaining the requirements of each functional module for the Android API and C++ versions. For more information, please refer to “Document Description”-

We also have a few bug fixes and updates to share.

Key update list

  • Store download bar increase with progress.

Problem fix

  • Native GPU Instancing material switching causes rendering failure.
  • Fix the problem that muti cannot be modified in the Two Curve mode of the curve component.
  • Fix the problem that the override may be lost when saving immediately after undo in the prefab modification mode.
  • Fix the UITransform component or Canvas node problem when adding UI nodes when editing prefab resources

For a more detailed developer log. Read our forum post on the update!

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