Community support helps improves our first update to Cocos Creator 3.0

2021.4.14 Official Blog by COCOS

Download Cocos Creator 3.0.1 in the Cocos Dashboard

We have to thank all of the community on this update for your help in making Cocos Creator the best open source game engine in the world. We have taken a lot of your issues and bug reports to heart and are updating Cocos Creator 3.0 as well as adding features for the next big release, 3.1.

This version doesn’t come with a lot of new features, but lots of fixes. If you want to read up on all the fixes, we recommend you read the developer notes.

Execution scope

We removed the use of “simulate global variables” from scripts and replaced it with a much better version that allows for your scripts to be either Global or Enclosed. This allows you to declare variables with var at the top of the script to not be promoted to global variables when you choose it to be enclosed. When Enclosed, the entire script is wrapped in an IIFE function for execution.

Align view with node

If you use multiple cameras in a scene and want to have a default camera, we have a great new option. Just highlight the camera node and in the menu, choose “Align View With Node”. That node will now be the default camera for the scene.

Download Cocos Creator 3.0.1 in the Cocos Dashboard

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