One Final Update to Cocos Creator 3.5

2022.6.21 Official Blog by COCOS

Download Cocos Creator 3.5.2 in the Cocos Dashboard

This update is just a bit of cleaning up before we get ready for 2 major releases of Cocos Creator in the next few months. Cocos Creator 3.6 is going to be another amazingly huge update and we’re excited to share it later in the summer. The other one… well, just wait.

We hope you have a great summer of coding and are excited to see what you’ll be building in the coming months. We have a lot of surprises this summer as well.

If you would like to see the full developer notes, please go to our forums.

Major Updates

  • Fixed an issue where an error might be reported when modifying properties of nested prefab.
  • Fixed the problem that the initialized width and height of the material preview are not integers, causing an error to be reported.
  • Fixed the problem that the script reading npm package did not correctly process the upper-level package.json, causing the reading to fail.
  • Fix the operation problems of creating clips, keyboard left and right keys, and frame keyframes in the animation editor
  • Fix memory leak issue when switching scenes in the editor

Download Cocos Creator 3.5.2 in the Cocos Dashboard

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