Speed And Improvements Come With Cocos Creator 3.1.2

2021.7.15 Official Blog by COCOS

Download Cocos Creator 3.1.2 via the Cocos Dashboard

We have been very thankful to our many developers building with Cocos Creator and their comments about 3.1. This updated version has been built with you in mind. We have fixed many of the issues that you have had as we prepare for 3.3 later this summer.

This version is a bit different in a few ways. First, the updates in 3.2 will not be a part of this version. That said, we will combine this version as well as the updates in 3.2 to version 3.3.

The other reason this update is different is that there aren’t any major new additional items added to this update. It’s all bug fixes, improvements, and stability items. So if you were hoping for some amazing new features, get ready for 3.3 because it’s coming with a lot of great stuff.

So please read the following updates, and we hope this fixes one of the major issues you’ve had. We hope to have some great features soon and still have a lot of amazing items to share.  If you would like to see them, we have a public features list available for you to view on Trello.

For more information and some confirmed updates for 3.3, check out our full release notes on our forums.

Major fixes, optimization, and more

  • Web & mini-game 2D rendering performance optimization
  • Optimize the startup performance of mini-games
  • Optimize the runtime performance of animation components
  • Optimize the PCF shadow blur effect, which is more friendly to low-precision ShadowMap
  • Optimize bullet physics engine performance
  • Added automatic resource scanning switch, large projects can manually refresh the resource manager to improve the editor experience
  • TS strict mode is not turned on by default when creating a project (manually recommended)
  • Solve the memory leak caused by Mask
  • Solve the memory leak caused by MeshRenderer setting material
  • Enhance the fault tolerance of FBX model import
  • Compatible with obsolete AudioClip playback interface

Download Cocos Creator 3.1.2 via the Cocos Dashboard

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