Every Presentation From Cocos Game Developer Connect

2020.3.19 Uncategorized by COCOS

If you weren’t able to watch the videos released today, Then you missed out on some great talks. But no need to fear, as all the talks are now available on YouTube to check out. Here is the full list of presentations from the event to check at your leisure.

Making Games Accessible to Everyone With GameSnacks

Ani Mohan and Rachael Bornstein of Gamesnacks

Start working with Gamesnacks from their website, http://www.gamesnacks.com/coocs

Hypercasual vs. GAAS – Lessons For Casual Games

Oscar Clark of Fundamentally Games

You can visit Oscar’s website at http://www.fundamentallygames.com

The Future of Hypercasual

Monte Singman of iDreamSky

Learn more about iDreamSky at their website, http://www.idreamsky.com.

Building Interactive Communication Inside Your Game With Agora.io And Cocos

Jun Yang of Agora.io

Try out Agora audio and video services for free by going to their website, http://www.agora.io

Gaming Trends For 2020 (Chinese Mandarin talk)

Chloe Wang of Google

How to Build a Closed-loop For Game Growth (Chinese Mandarin talk)

Abby Ji of ironSource

Learn more about ironSource from their website at http://www.ironsource.com