The Top FAQs About Cocos Play

2020.2.19 Official News by COCOS

With the announcement of the Cocos Play service, we had many developers coming up to us asking us a few questions about the service. We want to help you understand what we are doing as well as give you more knowledge of the service requirements and limitations. We hope this FAQ will help answer most of your questions. If not, you can always join our Discord and ask us, message us on our social media, or email us.

What exactly is Cocos Play?

Cocos Play is a technology that allows app makers to add a mini-game arcade to their app. Here is a video sharing how the technology works.

Why mini-games?

Hypercasual games are becoming a fun genre for all ages who are on the go or want quick, arcade-like gameplay that isn’t as heavy or time-consuming as some causal and hardcore games available today.

How do developers make money?

All mini-games either have interstitial, banner, or video reward ads that players can click on during gameplay. The money received from the ads is split between the game developer, app developer, and Cocos.

What types of games would work for Cocos Play?

Any hypercasual games or casual-lite games will be great as Cocos Play can save some information about the player like high scores or save points.

How would I add Cocos Play into my app?

Cocos Play is an SDK that can be added to your mobile app. After you add it, Just add a button, banner, or sticker that will call the SDK and start Cocos Play.

Why did you build Cocos Play?

When we came up with the idea, we found that there were many indie developers using HTML5 that were looking for a home outside the platforms on the web. We decided to give these developers a chance to showcase their skills as well as have their game played all over the world.

Cocos Play also adds a new revenue stream for app makers who are looking to maximize on added traffic.

How do I build a game for Cocos Play?

All mini-games in Cocos Play use an infrastructure that is similar to HTML5, but with added functionality that HTML5 doesn’t include. If you have an HTML5 game, you can have it running in Cocos Play quickly.

Do I have to use Cocos Creator for my game to be on Cocos Play?

We’d love you too, but it’s not required.

Will I be able to choose which games I can put in my mini-game arcade?

Yes, you will be able to customize Cocos Play for your app, including the look and games that are available for your users.

Where is Cocos Play available?

Cocos Play is available worldwide.

When is Cocos Play available?

Cocos Play is available to try on the Singapore app Nestia. But we will be fully launched in March 2020.

Whom do I talk to about being an app developer using Cocos Play or a game developer wanting my game on Cocos Play?

Contact our BD team to know more at