Smart Cockpit Solution
Behind Cocos's powerful graphics rendering engine, we serve the automotive industry by providing turnkey smart cockpit solution ranging from HMI design, ADAS 3D visualization, VPA digital avatars, and IVI games. Rigorously tested to ensure both the compatibilities and the performance on all major OS (Android, Linux, & QNX), and mainstream SoCs, we are on a mission to help our ecosystem partners transform automobile digitalization.
Solution Architecture
Cocos aims to help automakers in creating exceptional multimodal smart cockpit experience for the consumers via rich interactive digital elements.
3D Vehicle Model Particle Effects Animation
Match3 Racing Motion—sensing Arcade
ADAS Visualization
Map Data Sensor Data Vehicle Signal Data
Cartoon Anime Futuristic Techno Hyperreal
System UI
Core Systems
Particle Animation Material Physics UI Shader
Supported Platforms
Linux QNX Android Web iOS HarmonyOS
Design modern UI for vehicle's cluster and infotainment system using Cocos's real-time 3D rendering engine, and take advantages of PBR material system to create a realistic 3D vehicle model for the infotainment screen. Together with our partners, we look forward to transforming the consumer driving experience.
ADAS 3D Visualization
High precision map data and sensor data of the vehicle rendered in real time by Cocos engine, creating location-based 3D models to achieve the ultimate visualization of autonomous/assisted driving. Immersive 3D scene rendering with carefully designed driver notification system, we help automakers rethink modern driving experience.
VPA (Digital Avatars)
Utilizing Cocos engine's 3D rendering power and our proprietary animation and skeleton systems to create 3D digital avatars for cockpit's infotainment, redefining human-vehicle interface and personalized consumer experience.
IVI (Games)
Cocos's rich heritage in the gaming industry will empower automakers by offering customized gaming content that will take full advantages of cockpit's hardware specifications, turning the vehicle's cockpit into a “mobile gaming hub” with premium instant games for users to enjoy.
Product Introduction
ADAS 3D Visualization
VPA (Digital Avatars)
IVI (Games)
Core Advantages
High-performing Rendering Engine
3D Real-time rendering
PBR material system support
Powerful particle system
Lightweight Application
High modularity & intricate services ensuring low system resource consumptions
Comprehensive cockpit digitalization solution
Performance, compatibility, and reliability guaranteed
Agile Delivery
Official Cocos engine team staffs providing project support, end-to-end agile development
High-quality delivery
OS-level Development Capabilities
Easy to learn, high performance, with cross-platform support
Developer-friendly workflow
Massive Ecosystem
1.6M registered Cocos developers worldwide
300K monthly active developers
+1.6B devices covered
VIP Consulting Service
Highly customizable turnkey solution
Carefree project development with abundant creative resources available
24/7 service support
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