HMI Smart Cockpit Solution
Based on the Cocos 3D real-time rendering engine, Cocos can provide digital cockpit solutions for smart vehicles: In-vehicle Human-Machine Interaction interfaces, 3D Car Model, ADAS visualization, in-vehicle digital avatars and games, music player and other applications. These solutions can run in diverse models of chipsets and are fully compatible with Android, Linux, QNX and other mainstream smart vehicle operative systems.
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HMI Solutions Diagram
Based on Cocos' high-performance, cross-platform graphics rendering capabilities, we assist vehicle manufacturers with the creation of multi-modal smart cockpits, bringing users the ultimate cockpit experience.
Cocos HMI Solution
Product Introduction
Using Cocos' 3D real-time rendering capabilities into smart vehicles' display devices makes possible to create the next-generation Human-Machine Interface for smart vehicles' cockpits. Cocos provides a complete HMI solution, which can be applied to core modules of Intelligent Cockpit such as ADAS Visualization, Vehicle Virtual Avatars, 3D Vehicle Control, Multimedia Content, etc., creating a new immersive driving experience for users.
Cocos HMI Introduce
Car Model
Virtual Avatar
for Vehicles
3D Car Model
Based on real-time 3D rendering and a powerful PBR material system, it's possible to present a 3D Car Model in high fidelity, with the interior and exterior structures designed to the greatest extent of detail, and with the ability of interacting with the vehicle signals in real time, providing real-time feedback on the overall status of the vehicle.
Virtual Avatar for Vehicles
Easy to integrate with on-board voice and scene engine capabilities. Cocos VPA provides real-time 3D technology, animations and skeletal systems and a rich custom library of movements to create not only a vehicle assistant, but also a driving companion.
ADAS Visualization
Modeling and rendering of perception data acquired during the driving process and navigation road data to generate a visualization of Automatic Assisted Driving. Create a safer Automatic Assisted Driving experience for users, and complement it with a colorful and immersive 3D panoramic effect.
Music Player
Relying on Cocos real-time 3D technology and particle effects, bring users a more immersive in-vehicle multimedia entertainment experience combined with AI algorithm to achieve diversified playback and display effects with music rhythm, beat, different sound field modes, etc.
In-Vehicle Games
Thanks to the abundant resources of Cocos in the game industry, we can build up an in-vehicle game center where users can enjoy a diversity of interactive content. At the same time, it's possible to link the games with the cockpit hardware capabilities, transforming the cockpit into a "mobile game hall" in seconds.
Core Advantages
High-performance 3D Rendering Engine

Real-time Rendering

PBR Material System

Powerful Particle System

Lightweight Content

Exclusive Development at Chipset Level

Improved Content for Smart Cockpits

Performance, Compatibility, Stability

Flexible Solutions

Agile development, experienced team

Reliable and efficient

Powerful technical framework

Easy to use, Multi-platform

Developer friendly

Ecosystem Capabilities

1.6M developers worldwide

300,000 monthly active developers

2 Billion Devices Covered

VIP Advisory Service

Customized/Full Solution Capability

Reliable support, abundance of resources

7*24 hours efficient service

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