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Product Overview

Cocos Runtime is a commercial SDK developed by Cocos to support interactive content running without users needing to install software. It can run on various operating system platforms and supports content developed by mainstream JavaScript game engines. After the Runtime is integrated with multiple hardware devices or APPs, users can experience digital interactive content through a "click-and-play" experience.

Cocos Runtime provides a mature commercial solution with high performance, security, stability, and support for multiple platforms, which can be widely used as a running base for interactive content, such as mini-games, AI games, live education, virtual character, cars, smart hardware, IoT, and other "point-and-play" digital interactive content.

Safe and stable
Used by many majors domestic and foreign cell phone companies with commercial certification. Used by billions of users with over 3 years of stable operation.
High Compatibility
Support mainstream HTML5 engines / Android / iOS / Windows / HarmonyOS globally, covering multiple device models and languages.
High Performance
Efficently improves performance, frame rate, and greatly reduces loading times and cold starts.
Wide Range of Applications
Applications using Cocos Runtime incluce mini-games, education, AI, live streaming, virtual character, car on-board systems, smart hardware, IoT, and more.
Code Control
The code is controlled by the platform, allowing for anti-hacking, anti-hijacking, and anti-malicious content.
Fast Online Speed
Complete documentation and stable interface. Go live within 3 working days.
Technology Highlights

WebGL 2.0 Support

Significant performance improvements over WebGL 1.0

Support for WebAssembly

Heavy computing modules can be accelerated with WASM

Lightweight Package

Minimum integration is only 300 KB

Multi-threaded Worker Support

Improved performance through parallel computing

Support For Engine Separation

Much faster initial run time for content from the same engine