Make game development easier
Cocos provides a complete, agile, and easy-to-use full-cycle solution for the game industry,
helping developers to easily create in one stop high-quality game content for commercial uses,
with rich content, iterative efficiency, and wide application.
One-stop service
multiple wishes at once
Born for game development
Cocos Creator
2D/3D content creation tool integrating a flexible and visual editor system, a powerful developer kit and a high-performance engine architecture, designed to bring you an efficient and smooth development experience.
Cocos Creator
Cocos Runtime
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Integral Evolution
More capabilities to embrace developers
Cocos provides smart cockpit solutions for vehicles
Cocos provides vehicles with intelligent digital cockpit solutions: in-vehicle HMI, ADAS visualization, in-vehicle VPA, in-vehicle interactive entertainment (games), music player and other applications, based on the powerful graphics rendering capabilities of Cocos Creator.
One-stop construction of authentic and realistic AR/VR content
One-stop construction of authentic and realistic AR/VR content. Cocos engine has powerful computing capabilities and excellent compatible solutions, the supported content can also have good visual performance on devices with low computing power.
Virtual Character
Create realistic 3D images in real-time
Relying on Cocos' modeling Five Key Technologies: mouth shape, motion capture, rendering, and AI access to the five digital human key technologies, you can easily create a realistic 3D image and display it running in Cocos engine in real time。
Provide game content creation space for several IoT devices
With features such as high performance, small package size, and modular downloads, Cocos provides a wide range of game content creation space for many IoT devices, and can flexibly adjust interaction methods according to different device properties.
Console and PC Gaming
Cocos has an easy-to-use workflow and a powerful developer kit, and its rich developer ecosystem can help you solve any problems you encounter in Deepin Creation.
Mobile games
Cocos has all the components needed to make a successful commercial game. Its excellent engine architecture enables the game content to maintain a beautiful and smooth gaming experience even with low computing power overhead.
Use Cocos to create lightweight, agile and stable high-quality game content. Cocos Creator also supports one-click publishing for mainstream operating platforms such as iOS, Android, H5, Windows, Mac and various minigame platforms.
Web game
Cocos' powerful Runtime architecture can effectively optimize the game frame rate and opening speed, at the time of providing a native running environment for web games.
Console and PC Gaming
Mobile games
Web game
Since its inception, Cocos has always been committed to build efficient graphics creation tools.
An easy way to bring amazing ideas to reality.
PBR Rendering
Based on Frame Graph's Modern Graphics Rendering pipeline, Light source, Camera, Material and other parameters support real physical properties, offering an optimized art creation pipeline and bringing more realistic graphic performance to the games.
Deferred Rendering Pipeline
Cocos Creator Built-in deferred rendering pipeline support, based on the Memoryless Architecture for mobile TBR & TBDR GPU. It can efficiently render all objects in the scene in batches, and supports deep customization for different project requirements.
Physical System
In Cocos Creator you can freely add real 3D or 2D physical simulation effects of different shapes or different movement modes such as collision and friction in the game to enrich your gameplay.
Animation State Machine
Cocos Creator includes a built-in node-based animation graph system, including state machine, animation mixing, animation layering (Layer), animation masking (Mask) and other complete visual animation control capabilities to greatly simplify the animation production process and make game creation clearer and more intuitive.
Provide complete game life cycle services
We provide a variety of game-related services to meet the needs of developers and improve their game development efficiency.
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