Cocos Avatar
A Straight-forward Experience in Avatar Creation
Cocos Avatar offers a comprehensive business solution for enterprises that require fast integration of 3D avatar content in products and services.
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Technology Highlights
Detailed Character Customization
Precised Facial Mocap
Accurate lip sync and AI Conversation
Into The Metaverse
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Backed by an experienced 3D art team, we are able to provide and support 3D avatars in different art styles, including cartoon, anime, and semi-realism.

With over 200 customization parameters, users can generate unique personalized 3D avatars in seconds.

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Product Solutions
User Client
Mini Program
Cocos Avatar
3D Infrastructure
Avatar Core
3D Scene
3D Audio
Video Embedding
VFX Effects
3D Assets
3D Avatar Generation
Face Mocap
Audio Chatting
Cocos Server
Real-time Content Delivery
Assets Update
Data Management
Cocos Persona
Avatar Creation and Asset Updating tool
Avatar Editing
Avatar Assets
Avatar Motion Archive
3D Scene Editor
Livestream Mode
Video Template
Animation Editor
Motion Capture Retargeter
Cocos Avatar SDK
Social Network
Live streaming
Virtual Stores
Virtual Assistant
Upgrade to An Immersive 3D Social Experience

With an abundant avatar wardrobe, users can create and customize virtual doppels, popularizing your 3D social network.

Users can meet, date, or party online in virtual role playing games, cinemas, and talk shows. Find new opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences in an extensive virtual reality.

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Cocos Persona Editor
A Multi-function Avatar Editor
Create avatars using preset models or your own 3D model with Cocos Persona Editor. You can create and upload avatars to your Cocos Avatar Sdk service directly. Furthermore, you can build up your own avatar motion archive and produce 3D animation even if you are not a pro animator.
Materialize your ideas and design with our asset inventory. Creating a fully rigged 3D humanoid has never been so easy!
Streaming as the character you created using a simple webcam. Construct your own glamourous 3D streaming room, new subscribers will pop up in no time!
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Create Quick, Funny and Effective Avatar Content With Cocos.
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