The 4 Best Ways To Get Your HTML5 Game Recognized And Played

2019.11.19 Uncategorized by COCOS

Marketing your game has always been the hardest thing for independent and small studios. You have minimal budgets, massive competition, and not enough time to market while building the next big game you have. Though there are a lot of ways to get people to find your game, we have three we think you might have overlooked that will help you big time.

1. Social Media

Some might say social media isn’t too saturated, but we can assure you it still can provide a group of stable players to your game. Today, the number of social media page views continues to rise, reaching 4 million views/month in the first half of this year. Line, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media are still a great way to promote games and keep your retention low.

2. Yahoo H5 Game Platform

The high-quality publicity resources like Yahoo Japan’s HTML5 game platform are promoting the high-quality and diversity coming out of HTML5 games, provide perfect solutions for major problems encountered by developers such as localization, user acquisition, and payment, and improve the awareness of the game. Look towards other platforms that you may have overlooked in other locations.

3. YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing website and the most successful, powerful, and influential online. YouTube has a massive flow of celebrities, and online celebrities can promote HTML5 mini games with their own videos from time to time to guide players.

4. Discord

There are a lot of great discord groups that are open to sharing your work and getting people to play your game for support, share issues, and give suggestions. If your game is extraordinary, many will share your game with friends and other discord groups.

Wherever you share your games, always come back to tell us how it’s going. We love our game developers and want you to succeed at all levels of the game development process. Message us on social media or at our Discord group.