Cocos Creator 2.2.1 Released With Performance Improvements

2019.12.6 Official News by COCOS

Download Cocos Creator 2.2.1 here

It’s been a few months since the big release of 2.2. During that time, we’ve finished our tutorial for beginners, went to a conference, and built some really cool stickers for our Chinese developers. English versions coming soon!

In this version, we have a few tweaks that we couldn’t get in version 2.2 and a few added features. Let’s take a look at some of them:

For the full developer notes, please view from our forum:

Improved performance everywhere

We continue to build up performance as we strive to be the best game engine for JavaScript developers. In this update, we improved support for Dragon Bones, Tiled Map, and Spine. Check the full notes for all the improvements.

WeChat and Alipay mini game engine support

We have improved the support for WeChat and Alipay mini app games. If you are in China, you probably know that the big trend is gaming on WeChat or on other apps with mini apps like Alipay. We’ve been a big supporter of the service and hope to expand on it in 2020.