Tencent Delivers New Games For Tesla Cars With The Help of Cocos Creator

2020.1.8 Official News by COCOS

On December 19, Tesla’s official Weibo account announced that there would be some new software going into Tesla cars in China along with a picture of some familiar faces in China. In the image, the figures of Bilibili (one of China’s largest video services), a landlord and tenant (from China’s most famous card game) and a mahjong tile.

Sure enough, today Tesla and Tencent official announced that Tesla cars in China have been loaded up with three of Tencent’s most famous games! “Happy Landlord”, “Happy Mahjong” and “Happy Shengji” are now officially available in the coming weeks. Now, players can experience these well-loved card games in Tesla cars with an upcoming update.

Tesla’s game console was available starting with the AutoPilot 9.0 update which came out at the end of October 2018. Among all the new features, one very noticeable thing is that this latest version of the firmware introduced several classic games from Atari, such as Super Breakout, Space Invaders, Centipede, and more.

This newest update will however have three games that were all developed using Cocos Creator. These are the first domestic games for the Chinese market, all made using Cocos technology. This shows the versatility of our game engine and making this the most expensive game console the Cocos engine has ever been developed for today.

“Happy Landlord,” “Happy Mahjong,” and “Happy Shengji” are also the first online games supported by Tesla. As long as you log in through WeChat or a QQ account, the player can play online with other friends. At the same time, your gameplay on Tesla can be synchronized with your mobile phone, and you can continue to play on the mobile phone after you stop playing in the car.

Now, anyone in their Tesla can play with games built by Tencent and with the power of Cocos behind it, even if the gaming experience is limited to being parked or during charging.