Top 7 Educational Apps Using Cocos Creator

2020.1.14 Uncategorized by COCOS

One of the hottest trends happening in China and all over the world in the mobile space is the growth of educational apps. This has always been the case since the early days of Android and iOS as developers found a new resource to teach kids their ABCs, math, and interpersonal relationships.

Today there are a growing amount of educational games being produced and even some considerable evidence showing that they are improving the learning of young children to adults. Seeing his growth and the results from it are exciting for us to see not only for fun these games and apps bring but also the great learning coming out of them.

Educational games can be fun to play for kids and adults, but they are also fun to make with the help of Cocos Creator. Cocos is proud of the fact that many of the educational games being built for China and abroad are being made with Cocos Creator.

We compiled a list of some of the best English and Chinese apps using Cocos Creator.


ABCmouse is a well-known American leader in children’s English online learning. It is used by more than one million families in the United States and has been recommended by more than 70,000 teachers.

ABCMouse teaches literacy, math, art, and more with thousands of learning activities for kids.

New Oriental

Founded in 1993, New Oriental focuses on education and training for 26 years, from Early Childhood Education to Adult Education.

Their app teaches English to all ages.


VIPKID is the world’s fastest-growing online English education brand for young people. Learn English from North American foreign teachers teach one on one, connecting Chinese children with North American teachers via the app.


Babybus focuses on the development of mobile smart early education products. It combines the focus of early education at different ages with tailor-made apps that include animated shows, and children’s music for pre-school children.

Hongen Education

Hongen Education is committed to improving the reading and writing of Chinese students as well as educational audiobooks with their apps.

Good Future

Good future is committed to the “use of science and technology to promote educational progress, ” so that children learn more scientifically, using technology.

Their app pushes to extend the knowledge found in the classroom for kids from ages 6 to 18.

Fluent English

Fluent English is an innovative spoken English teaching app that uses cutting-edge “Voice Assessment Technology” in their spoken English learning applications. This lets you easily practice oral English in the comfort of your own home.