AFK Arena is AFK-mazing with their growth last month

2020.1.17 en Uncategorized by Luke

Congratulations to AFK Arena, a game developed by Lilith Games and made using the Cocos engine. It’s reached the top 3 of the best grossing RPG this month.

With its blend of fresco, oil painting, and European and American fantasy cartoon art, it’s become one of the most popular mobile games in 2019. AFK Arena ranked ninth in China’s mobile overseas revenue in Sensor Tower’s November ranking.

The team had made six years of card games. With each succession of games, the team, through the integration of research, found several dimensions of evolution for their games: leisurely pace, gameplay, achievements.

In addition to the game’s look, the quality of the marketing is also how “AFK Arena” achieved such success. Lilith released a promotional video featuring sand sculptures on Jan. 3, with an invitation by a famous Chinese star to initiate a “soul torture” of the heroine stating “How come you don’t know yourself?”, “You are in ‘AFK Arena’ my dear ” Then, the heroine turned, showing her true face.

According to APP Growing, there have been nearly 7,000 posts about AFK Arena so far in China. The promotion is almost everywhere on mobile apps.

Lilith senior director Zhang Zilong told us their strategy was to do a release with the emphasis of a “concentrated outbreak”: concentrated promotion, platform recommendations, PR, and brand marketing potential. “Let the product quickly get a push of interest.“

In your opinion, how do you think this Cocos-built game will do in 2020?