Cocos Creator 2.3.3 is available on Cocos Dashboard

2020.4.9 Official News by COCOS

Update through the Cocos Dashboard or download the dashboard here.

Efficiency is everything in this update! In Cocos Creator 2.3.3, the update brings more new features, we’re emphasizing on optimizes performance and improves stability in this version to prepare for Cocos Creator 2.4 coming out later in the spring.

Though we would love to have a long list of new features, the only big one we can share in this blog post is support for PCF soft shadow

Starting from 2.3.3, you will be able to work with percentage closer filtering (aka PCF) to add shadows to your game. The light component can set the shadow type to SOFT_PCF3X3 for simple soft shadows or SOFT_PCF5X5 to turn on more detailed soft shadows. This gives shadows the effect of being more soft and natural. Each option depends on how well your game is performing and the quality you want for your shadow.

For the full details on the update, check our forums.