Cocos Best Stories of 2021

2021.12.27 Other News by Luke

It’s been a fantastic 2021. Before we start, thank you for reading any or all of our stories this year!

We have been writing a story every week since the beginning of the week, and for me, this has been both a blast to do and a challenge. Not only to bring about some great stories that will entice you as a game development creator and educate you. It’s been my passion for making content worth both of our time to read, digest, and use for our future work.

This year we did many things. We introduced 3D to the world, added a few new products, brought in more amazing 3rd party support, and introduced you to some new people in the Cocos universe. We hope next year brings some fantastic things, and from talking to our engineers, 2022 will be even bigger.

So to end the year, I’d like to share some of the best stories written by myself or the Cocos team that represented what we are as a company and our passion for game development. This won’t include our tutorials; you’ll have to check them out in our Tutorials of 2021 part 1 and part 2 posts.

Top War Gets Big In 2021

Many people came to our site looking for insight on one of last year’s and this year’s biggest hits, Top War. Being the biggest game built using Cocos Creator, we are excited to see its success from starting as a small WeChat game early last year to the juggernaut of a game all of this year.

Cocos Creator 3.0 Released

When Cocos Creator announced 3D coming last year in China, it drew a lot of attention, and with the demos and tech preview, we knew we had something unique to share in 2021. After its launch, we gained a lot of interest from the internet and many developers’ interest. We haven’t had many games to promote being 3D as of now, but 3D development takes a lot longer than 2D, so we’re excited for what comes out next year!

Why We Use TypeScript

Many people asked us this question when we decided to drop JavaScript in 3.0, why we would become the most significant game engine using TypeScript, a newer language that has been used primarily for web development. The reasons are multi-fold and shared here.

The Best Open Source Software For Making Your Next Game

We love open-source software, and we wanted to focus on the best support for you as a game developer. This doesn’t mean only the programmer, but the artist, the business development, QA testing, and other parts that help you run a business. Why we thought it was a great chance to share some fantastic software that could do all the necessary things for you, for free, and open-source.

Welcome To Cocos Creator

This was a suggestion from one of our team asking for an introductory web page to invite new developers to learn how to use Cocos Creator. We hope to have this as its own page in the near future so you can share it with friends. But for now, share the blog post!

Wirewalk brings Cocos Creator Games To Steam

This was the first time we had an officially announced Cocos Creator game coming to Steam, and thanks to the developer, a great tutorial on helping other developers get their games on to Steam. Just more platforms for games to be exported to and a great story behind the game.

Best Game Conferences For Mobile Game Developers

We want to show off some events we’ve been to that are custom made for mobile developers as many events are usually for the PC or console developer or not for mobile indies. We really think these are great places to go to for the money you put into going there.

Colyseus Comes To The Cocos Store

One of the big reasons we were happy about this discussion is that the Cocos Store is seeing a lot of potential for the future. Having great 3rd party developers like Colyseus coming to the store shows Cocos Creator’s and our community’s growth.

Our Interviews with Cocos Team Members

We interviewed a few people in our team to talk about their experiences, what they are doing in the company and what they hope for the future. We’re super thankful for the team and their commitment to their work to make Cocos a great company and a company you trust to build games with. Our interviews included:

We already have a few people to talk to for next year, including some high-level members and a few fun faces that have been in the company for years.

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