8 Money-making SDKs For Games On The Cocos Store
2023.10.12 by Shawn
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Many game companies are trying hard to try to build web and mobile games, and platforms are also eagerly hoping that developers can bring them new content stimulation and revenue growth. Here are a few that are working with Cocos Creator to make it easier for developers to use their platform.


1.      Google Adsense H5 Game Ads


When it comes to advertising on the web, you have to talk about Google AdSense, an advertising platform for Web sites, supporting both desktop and mobile.

Google AdSense H5 Game Ads does not involve a native platform, so that it can be accessed on Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and other platforms, and it is another important income path.


In May 2023, Google AdSense for HTML5 game ads plug-in shelved on Cocos Store, which is Google's cash cow specially designed for HTML5 game scenarios. It currently supports two types of ads: Interstitial ads and rewarded ads.


Cocos Store download link




Apply for Adsense Game Ads




2.      Google Admob for Cocos Creator


Google AdMob - Apps on Google Play


Google AdMob is an advertising platform for mobile. Developers can integrate it into Android and iOS (coming soon) so native app applications can achieve profitability, and it is known for maximizing revenue and excellent user experience.


Google AdMob plugin is now available on the Cocos Store. Your Cocos Creator games packaged natively can be monetized with ads just like mini games: incentivized videos, banner ads, interstitial ads, and other ads.


In-game purchases + ads form a hybrid cash-out, which increases revenue for the game and provides a better gaming experience. According to some data analysis, more than 60% of mobile game players often use incentive videos for a better gaming experience. For example, unlocking weapons and props, speeding up the game process, and getting more coins will significantly increase user engagement and retention.


Regarding the user experience of Google AdMob, developers should pay attention to it and read more from our blog post. Don’t cheat users to click, watch, and affect their normal gameplay to enhance advertisement profitability. Your AdMob account will be easily limited, and the advertisement fill rate may be less.


The Google AdMob plugin on the Cocos Store only includes Android. According to the development team, the iOS version will be added soon. Please look forward to it.


Cocos Store download link




Mobile Ads SDK (Android)




3.      Facebook Instant Games



With over 1 billion monthly users, Instant Games allows you to play games, challenge friends, share scores, and make video and voice calls with your friends directly through the Facebook Messenger app, now available in over 30 countries worldwide.


The Cocos Engine is deeply partnered with Facebook, and Facebook Instant Games build templates have been integrated into the Cocos Creator 3.8.0 engine.



Like WeChat mini-games, developers don't need to manually adapt to it and can generate the format required by Facebook Instant Games in one click.


Facebook Instant Games



4.      Poki



Founded in 2013, Poki is a veteran online gaming platform with more than 50 million active users and a reach of 1 billion gamers. Almost everyone has played games such as Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and Stickman Hook.



Poki SDK is extremely lightweight to access and smartly displays video ads to users through the commercial break interface. At the same time, Poki also provides game developers with various services, such as game hosting, testing, and user insights.


Cocos Store download link




Poki SDK - Cocos Creator 3.x




Poki developers page




5.      GamePix



GamePix is a super H5 gaming platform with 10,000+ games covering all genres for global players to enjoy for free, with just a few ads.



GamePix SDK also provides developers with rewarded ads and inserted ads, and the GamePix interface is extremely easy to call. The SDK also includes some tools such as getting the player's current language, uploading the player's game score, data persistence to save the game's progress, and so on, which is very sweet; no need to build your own server.


Cocos Store download link




Gamepix Developers




6.      CrazyGames



Founded in 2014, CrazyGames has 20,000,000 users worldwide, and they openly claim to developers that they know more about how to make your game earn money. The SDK provided is simple and easy to access and supports incentivized videos, interstitials, banner ads, social sharing, and more.



Cocos Store download link




CrazyGames Documentation




7.      Wortal



WORTAL is a free and ultra-casual H5 gaming platform that builds a community of developers to showcase your games to the world.



Wortal SDK supports ads, friend invitations, leaderboards, in-buy, stats, etc. It also provides Cocos Creator 2.x/3.x SDK for developers to upload their games to get revenue.


Cocos Store download link


3.x - https://store.cocos.com/app/en/detail/4067

2.x - https://store.cocos.com/app/en/detail/4149


Wortal Developers




8.      Game Distribution



Game Distribution is a gaming platform specializing in web games and supporting distribution across mobile and PC. They help developers maximize the reach of their games through a paid distribution network.


On the official website of Game Distribution, you will find a lot of famous game companies such as Ubisoft, Gameloft, YAD and so on, and almost all of Ubisoft's games are developed using Cocos Creator.


Game Distribution also has the feature that each game, like many video sites, supports using HTML <iframe> tags to embed games into any website quickly.


Cocos Store download address




Game Distribution - Cocos Creator 3.x




9. Applixir



Applixer is a JavaScript SDK that allows you to add your games to the web and mobile web and apps. They allow you to add your games to anyplace including your own personal websites which is pretty great.


They are one of the first SDKs to be a part of the Cocos Store and are used by a lot of big game companies.  They also allow you to track the money with their high end analytics and are extremely easy to add to your Cocos Creator game. All the instructions on how to use it are already in the plug-in, so no need to look for documentation all over the web.


Cocos Store download address




Applixir Website






I've been soaking in Poki, GamePix, and CrazyGame games for the past few days, and I'm feeling incredibly excited, and like I've got my childhood back!


Slightly inattentive, I fell into playing their games for half a day and watched many ads. Strangely enough, it did not not feel very offensive!


I strongly recommend that developers can go to experience the feeling, whether it is from the gameplay, art design, or regional culture to the commercialization of the game, will be able to gain.


That's all for today's sharing. I hope it will inspire and help you~