Cocos Game Showcase – August 2021

2021.8.27 Other News by Luke

This month has many great games, including updates to classic Cocos-built games and some amazing mini-games being built for Wechat. We’re hoping you’re games are in our next showcase as many big games are still being built with our new 3D engine, and we’ll be promoting them in future showcases.

So enjoy the show and learn more about these games in this blog post.

Geometry Dash by RobTop Games

One of the original big Cocos2d-x games is still going strong, with a huge player base filled with enthusiastic gamers looking towards the game’s 2.2 upgrades coming soon.

We’re happy to share a bit of their newest promotional video. We really can’t wait to see what new cool stuff is happening after the update drops.

Three Kingdoms: The Glory of Heroes by GM99

The game is still in early release in Taiwan, but seeing some of the gameplay videos from players in the country are showing this game will be an impressive game!

GM99 has been really working hard on some amazing animation and graphics for this strategy game, making it incredibly beautiful. The gameplay has you fighting army vs. army with many different characters to face.

Planes Control by RarePixels

We’ve been talking with RarePixels about an interview and dropped a bombshell that their biggest game has hit over 1 million downloads!

The other big news is that their newest update has added two new airports, Iceland and the moon. It’s going to get a lot tougher to be air traffic control in these new places.

Slash Brave by Kuan Ying Chu

Sadly, we couldn’t get a lot of gameplay from the game as it’s being built up in Taiwan, but we know it’s a fun idle RPG game where you get your player from the left of the stage to the right upgrading them along the way.

It’s looking to be a fun game in Asia, but getting something like this might be a bit more surprising and difficult for the west. It seems to be gaining a following in Taiwan, so that it might need the west anyway.

Fighter: Codename 666 by Huaxia Fun Tour

We’re not sure the developers knew what the 666 meant when they named their game, but it’s bullet hell for your phone.

The game is probably the best example of a handheld shooter for WeChat and has some great graphics along with it. The team really loved the game for its ability to pack great stuff in such a small game.

Flick It! by 35 Entertainment

When we talk to developers, we mention taking an existing genre and adding a new playstyle to it. 35 Entertainment might have heard us and took the popular ball elimination game and made it into a really puzzling fighting game with mini-bosses and different types of enemies.

We have to really give them some huge pats on the back for making a game for WeChat really entertaining and very addicting.

Kick Dojo by Dousheng Network Technology

Take a bit of Kung Fu, a bit of Bruce Lee, and the top-down camera, and you get an exciting fighting game. The fascinating thing is that this is an HTML5 game run on our Cocos Play stores. Making it available on many different platforms.

Rope Racing Contest by Qingwan Chase Technology

This game is one of the only hypercasual games on our showcase. It’s a pretty simple game as well. Tap on the screen to move quickly to your new home before your famous opponent gets there. It would have been fun for some multiplayer scenarios, but it is still a fun concept with a Wipeout feel.

Fishing Tycoon 3D by Hottengarko

The game has a nice feel and is one of the few purely 3D games on our list. We liked it because it’s one of the few 3D games being built for WeChat. It’s one of a few steps for amazing 3D games coming to the biggest app in the world!

The game is quite simple, drag your boat near fish, collect them, return them for coins, use them to upgrade. Keep doing with more new locations opening the more you fish and new types of fish to collect.

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