Cocos Game Showcase – March 2022

2022.3.22 Other News by Luke

The beginning of this year had some great new additions to our new year. We had not only a few outstanding Steam games to share but also two amazing TikTok games.

For those who haven’t been following, TikTok in China (known as Douyin) is starting to add video games to the app. This has become a fun new way for people to try out the biggest gaming fad in China, mini games. Cocos has been all over it with games for WeChat, Douyin, and many phone providers providing their own mini game apps.

We hope you enjoy this episode as we went over the ten-minute mark and introduced our new ending. It’s super cool, and we’re working on upgrading the quality of our videos in the future.

Pocket Battle Royale by BitCake Studios

This is the first big game pushed by our friends at GameSnacks, part of Google’s new mini-game collection. They shared a presentation about their work a few years ago, just as the group was starting to build games.

We’re also excited as it is another big hit coming from developers in South America. We’ve been watching and talking to developers using Cocos in the country for a while and hope to show what is happening there in the coming months.

The War Of Galaxy by Storm Cat

This game is probably one of the more detailed, prettiest, and most fulfilling Archero games you can currently play on WeChat. We’ve been working with them on improving the game since its inception, and it’s become incredible to see how the animation and difficulty have risen in the game—a fun, quick game for a bus ride home.

Super Wings Parkour by Shenzhen Paledi Technolgy

We’ve already shown a few games that are using unique IP with their game, and this one is popular with kids worldwide. Super Wings in China has taken preschoolers by storm with the show on TV, internet TV, and even airplanes. It’s a great show with great characters going all over the world. It seems smart to have a WeChat game using them for a fun parkour game.

Moon Shadow Villa by L’amour

Though this game is strictly for Chinese players, it’s a fun adventure game where you make decisions about cute vampires by texting the correct things on the phone or in conversations.

For those who don’t know Chinese, just know that it’s getting great reviews, and vampires and werewolves are big hits in the Chinese game industry right now.

Hot Memory 2021 by Byte Beat Trill Hotspots Team and Creative Games Team

This is the first of two TikTok games we wanted to share. Though it’s not really a game but more of an interactive story, the game’s use of 3D animation and sharing some of the biggest stories of the past year made it a fun and welcoming game at the start of 2021.

Fantasy of CaoCao by Sunny

It’s great to see a Cocos Creator game come out on Steam. In fact, if you remember, we interviewed Sunny a few months ago about his game and what it’s like to be an indie developer.

The game is a card game having you play an anti-social otaku reincarnated as Cao Cao, one of China’s most significant leaders during the Three Kingdom period. It’s available now on Steam if your Chinese is good enough.

The Adventure of Mr. Hat by Shenzhen Pipi Egg Technology

If you were a fan of the old school games “Achievement Unlock” or “I Wanna Be The Guy,” you will love this game. Each level is a 2D platforming puzzle game with the answer never always the same.

It’s becoming a massive hit on TikTok/Douyin in China this past month, and if you played it, you’d see why. It’s insanely funny and deceptively challenging.

Little Brat’s Island by Zhuhai Pinnacle Interactive

This is another pretty big game for what it is and what you wouldn’t expect from a mini game. Go fishing, fight other islands and collect animals while surviving on your private island.

1-on-1 Basketball by Wuhan Xishishang Technology

It’s a super basic basketball game, but the fun is upgrading and changing the look of a basketball player. Great for very quick multiplayer battles as it has network support to battle people all around the country.

Finder’s Sweepers by ExceptioNULL Games

As the developers have told us, it’s the opposite of Minesweeper, where you actually find the buried treasure as you dig up the area. But beware of the traps, or you’ll have to start all over again.

Wordcation by ExceptioNULL Games

Yes, it’s another game from the company, but we completely forgot about it from last year, and the game is a phenomenal crossword puzzle game with great locations, great simple gameplay, and good music. We really think it’s a solid puzzle game.

Kanso by Dave Sapien

We added this one at the end because this might be the most relaxing game you could play on your phone or on Steam. Just move the ball across the stage without getting hit, listening to soothing music. A perfect game to get you ready for bed, help you meditate, or just soothe your mood.

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