Cocos Game Showcase – November 2021

2021.11.29 Other News by Luke

We didn’t have many big games for your mobile phone (unless you have WeChat), but it’s ok. Our week is filled with many HTML5 games for you to play for free on the web. It’s incredible to see what’s happening with web games, and maybe we’ll see a web game rebirth in 2022? We’d love that!

Thank you to all the developers using Cocos Creator, and excited to share a few big games once again from Ubisoft! We will be sharing more big games next year from them and a few more as our 3D engine is almost a year old, and a few development teams have great games coming out. Also happy that indie dev VKrisna had their game picked up by! We love hearing you succeed with the Cocos engine.

Ubisoft Nano Season 3 Games by Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s Vietnam team once again comes out with some fantastic games. The variety with this group is very different in gameplay, but all end up being a fun competition against those worldwide. You can play these and their other games at

Rayman’s Incredible Dodge – Feels like a hyper-competitive and more complicated game you see in Mario Party but has the same fun you find in the series. Try to run, jump, and collect items as you try to avoid bumping into enemies, weapons, and other items, as you try to be the last survivor.

Brawlhalla Grand Slam – This game has you jumping all over the place in many different angles trying to knock off your opponents. Lots of great strategies with this game.

Might & Magic Armies – If you love those hypercasual .io games and want to scratch that itch on your PC or Mac, this game has all the fun of those games with great animation, characters, and competition. An absolute blast to play while relaxing.

TinyTownRacing by VKrishna

We’ve been watching this game for months on our Discord group, and Vkrishna finally released it on this fall. When saw it, they gave it a test run, and now it’s available worldwide. It’s a fantastic watch, from a tested idea to a game making great money and people happy.

You play as a race driver, just constantly looking for speed. You can gain speed boosters to go faster or narrowingly missing cars for a small bump in speed. You also have other racers to get past as you play.

If you want to try it, it’s available to play at Poki.

Tata Tower Tower Defense by Yellow Braised Chicken Rice

First, We love the developer’s name. This game comes from the bizarre ideas that developers in Asia usually have that always bring about fun gameplay and fresh ideas. This one is a typical tower defense game but comes with different animals that have special moves and leveling them up with different food.

You can see you fight many different types of things, from people to ambulances. This is one of the most bizarre games this year in China and is available to download on TapTap.

Pentium’s Fortune by Hangzhou Zhihu Network

Probably the best train simulator in WeChat. We talked about it in our previous post, but just watching it play is much better than any screenshot we shared.

My Study Time by Shenzhen Kesheng Network

Similar to the previous game, we shared this in an earlier blog. Its expansiveness for being a WeChat game is pretty impressive, and we may see more games that are just direct full games released only for WeChat next year. Which is an exciting turn for game development in China.

I am not Wushuang by Anonymous developer

Sadly we still don’t know who made this game, but it is fun to have an enjoyable beat-em-up game on your phone to play that is as old-school as you’d really want.

Ant Mobilization by Anonymous developer

Probably the most complex WeChat game in our compilation. The fun in this game is just the art and the adventure of making an ant colony that fights animals to stay alive.

Cute Animal Island by Zhuhai Island

The cutest game of the whole bunch, it’s a game with not a lot of complexity. Just click on a tile to delete it and make it look like the other ones. If that’s too much, spend all those stars you won and finish a relaxing puzzle.

Racing Train by GameExp

A great game shared with us by our Discord member is building a bunch of small HTML5 games for their website, and this one is a start to some fun new projects. If this is the first, we can’t wait for the next ones!

Just simply put your finger on the screen to get your train moving, and make sure you don’t hit anything, or you’ll crash. The fun comes when you decide to watch an ad to fix this, and you become invincible. Fun humor and a great start to a new adventure for the team. You can try this game now on their website. Or they just released on Android and iOS.

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