Cocos Game Showcase – September 2020

2020.9.3 Other News by COCOS

We’re back with another video filled with some amazing games for you to check out. All the games shown in this showcase were either made with Cocos Creator or Cocos2d-x for a various amount of platforms.

If you want your game in the showcase, it needs to be new or pre-released for the upcoming months and built using Cocos! Send along a message at our forums about the game, and we’ll see if we can add it to our list.

Here are the games out for this video:

Rabbids Wild Ride by Ubisoft – HTML5

This HTML5 game is one of the biggest hits coming from Cocos Creator this year with the help of those crazy Rabbids. It’s as easy as it looks, runs as far as you can dodging electrocution, fire, and attacks from other Rabbids. Last one to survive wins! Currently only available on the Ubisoft Nano website. We’ll be chatting more about the game in the future.

Frontier Justice by ONEMT – iOS and Android

This game is one of the most complete town building games we have seen. It includes cutscenes, voiced conversations, and a ton of extra features. It’s even fully customized for many languages. It’s a great new addition to our library.

The Marvelous Snail by Qingci Games – iOS and Android

This game from China is one of the only red hot single-player games going on in China. With classic Chinese humor, a great story, and an amazingly distinct art style, the game has been in the top ten ever since it’s release. Very happy to share it on our showcase!

Idle Mafia by FunPlus – iOS and Android

This game is one of the most beautiful games made with Cocos Creator we’ve seen and is probably the most fun idle game you’ll be able to play. We had a blast testing this game and loved the humor that is involved. Great for those who want a super fun game, but don’t want to spend too much time playing it every day.

Painted Car Duel by Xiamen Qingqan Chase Technology – Cocos Play

The game is pretty simple, but the concept is pretty fun. This game, only available for apps using Cocos Play, allows you to build your car from just your finger and battle your opponent. We just loved the concept and hope others will improve on it for a full mobile release.

Munch Match by Bouchard Industries – PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android

This game developer gets an award just for having the game available on so many different platforms. But this match-3 game is fun and includes multiplayer for those itching for a fight and loves the gameplay of older similar games.

Gunboat Shooting by Hangzhou Xuanhuo Technology – Cocos Play

Every 10-year-old boy’s dream mobile game. Just aim, fire, and get out of the way. It’s hard not to love the concept of the game. It’s even harder just to beat as the games difficulty level spikes fast, allowing you to get some real challenges out of such a simple game.