Cocos Showcase – September 2022

2022.9.27 Other News by COCOS

It’s always great to showcase games made by companies using the Cocos engine. But this time, we’re adding our own to the list! Check out our free game on Steam… but we’ll discuss it later.

The showcase has a lot of big-time games that have been making considerable waves in China and hitting the top 10. Seeing the wide variety and what we can share with developers has been amazing to get them excited to build with us. We hope you enjoy this list, and we’re ready for what you’ll have for us in the final showcase this December.

Paper Wedding Dress 4 – Red Silk Wrap

You don’t get to see a lot of horror games in China due to regulations, but when you do get it right, you get it super right. This is part of a multi-series of games that have been coming out every six months and are doing very well in China. Paper Wedding Dress 4 hit number one on the first release day, and gamers are already getting ready for the 5th installment. We shared a bit about the game in our blog next week.


Many developers have told us that you are only as good a developer of game engines as the games you build yourself to test their capabilities. And that’s the beginning of the work to create isles, a platforming game that has you jumping, floating, and collecting to finish all the levels. We are also selling the game’s source code on our store for those who want to learn from it. Learn more about the game from our blog post.

Hero Village

This 3D voxel sim management game is one of the many Chinese games that are starting to leave the country as the competition and regulations in China force developers to go out of the country. It’s a fun game with RPG elements as well as tower defense and fusion added to it. The developers shared a little bit about the game in our forums.

Archer Castle

One of the games was shared with us in our Discord this year. This HTML5 game has a lot of fun gameplay for the browser and the phone. It’s a simple tower defense with many crazy monsters and upgrades. It’s a great afternoon game to relax with and enjoy. It’s now available to play at

Call Me Mister Big Boss

Similar to many other games we’ve covered in the past, this city management game takes you back to ancient China times and expands on the things you can do in your city. It’s a fun game with many entertaining stories and Chinese humor. We shared a bit about it in our forums.

Pause! Let Me Check The Guide

In China, a new anime called “Pause! Let Me Check The Guide” has become super popular on the Chinese video site popularized for playing anime, Bilibili. The interesting part about this game is that at the end of the first anime season, the viewer has a chance to play one of the characters trying to save someone in the show, allowing you, the viewer, to control her. This is one of the first games to be directly playable from the video screen on the site and is pretty revolutionary in using HTML5 gaming to extend your show.

Jaws & Claws

This game is coming to us via our forums as the developers are very close to the game’s release. This platform fighter game allows you to fight with crazy characters, including gorillas, alligators, rhinos, and bears! The game comes with a story mode, free play, soccer, and other fun game modes.

Panda Pizza Parlor

Bitcake was featured earlier this year with their game coming to Gamesnacks. They took their experience and now have built an amazing 3D time management game where you play the owner of a Pizza Parlor and have to serve pizzas and snacks to the patrons. It’s a fun game that plays well both on mobile and PC.

Reincarnated As A Monster

A casual idle game that allows for not only building yourself as a monster, but recruitment, upgrades, and finding hidden equipment. The game’s significant feature is the option to have offspring that take up the fight and merge their parents’ powers.   The game was built by a very small team and has become a big hit on TapTap, a Chinese app store, with a rating of over 9.0! We talked about their skill with UI in a forum post.

Coward Toraghi

Though this isn’t a very adventurous puzzle game, the cuteness and clever puzzles are just half the story. Many also know this is the collaboration game of two newly married developers working together. Their story was featured in a recent blog post, with you finally seeing what the game really plays like.

Ghost Fight IO

This IO game has you running around gobbling up pellets and fighting off stronger ghosts. The great thing about this game is that it’s running on Cocos Creator 3.x infrastructure, which we showed off at Google’s Developer Summit. We are working hard to improve HTML5 with not only webaudio but future upgrades as well.

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