OPPO & vivo “Games of the Year” announced! Cocos Developers Win Big!

2022.2.28 Other News by COCOS

After WeChat mini-games were released into the Chinese market, many social and video apps entered the game, and mobile phone manufacturers OPPO and vivo followed suit. In the past few years, OPPO and vivo’s support for the mini-games platform has increased unabated, and the exclusive game platform has gradually grown on a large scale. In 2021, the monthly coverage of OPPO Game Center reached 100 million game users, the coverage of vivo mini-games reached over 60 million, and the number of daily active users and monthly launches of mini-games reached 6 million and 1.5 billion, respectively.

Not long ago, OPPO and vivo announced the platform’s “Mini Games of the Year” list at their annual “Developer Conference.” More than half of the winning games were developed based on Cocos Creator, including “Paper Wedding Dress 2 Zangling Village,” “Ant Evolution 3D”, “Stickman Wars: Legacy,” “Come Here,” “The Hurt Locker,” “Fighter: Code 666” and other famous and word-of-mouth masterpieces.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest games built with Cocos Creator!

vivo’s best mini game of the year

“Paper Wedding Dress 2 Zangling Village”

On vivo’s “Best Mini Games of the Year” list in 2021, the Chinese horror puzzle game “Paper Wedding Dress 2: Zangling Village” is particularly eye-catching. At the beginning of last year, the first game in the series received rave reviews after it was launched, and the development team launched “Paper Wedding Dress 2 Zangling Village” at the end of July. Both games topped the free list.

As a point-and-click puzzle game, the design of the “Paper Wedding Dress” series is not complicated in terms of gameplay. Still, its touching story and emotional display and the creation of a very immersive atmosphere make players unable to stop. In addition to continuing the gloomy painting style and strong red and black tone of the previous work, “Paper Wedding Dress 2 Zangling Village” also introduces more traditional Chinese elements such as shadow puppets, Peking Opera masks, big-headed dolls, etc. This added a terrifying and eerie atmosphere. At the same time, they are cleverly integrated into the puzzle-solving link, which pushes the sense of substitution and immersion of the game to a new peak.

“Paper Wedding Dress 3 Debts of Lovebirds”

The success of the “Paper Wedding Dress” series has brought fire to the slightly niche game category “Chinese horror.” The development team also struck while the iron was hot, and while moving the two games to Steam, launched a new sequel in January this year. Paper Wedding Dress 3 Debts of Lovebirds” is out now, and the fourth part of the series has also been put on the agenda as the success of “Paper Wedding Dress” continues.

Stickman Wars: Legacy

Strategy tower defense game Stickman Wars: Legacy also made the list. Players play the role of a monarch in the game, control their stickman army, form combat units, mine gold, recruit swordsmen, spearmen, archers, wizards, giants, etc., deploy troops, attack cities, and conquer the land step by step. Stickman World. Diversified arm configurations and rich skill settings add to the playability.

Double Challenge

The fun game collection “Double Challenge” allows for two people on the same screen with many classic casual games such as matching, darts, pinball, etc. With straightforward social fun, players can battle with friends anytime, anywhere.

OPPO annual excellent game

The 2021 OPPO “Excellent Mini Games of the Year” list shows that popular categories such as strategy, sandbox, flight shooting, tower defense, and cards are still trendy. Making different styles in classic gameplay seems to be the key to the game’s breakthrough.

“Ant Evolution 3D”

Sandbox exploration, casual strategy game “Ant Evolution 3D “ leads players into a mysterious world of ants. Players control the ants to collect food, protect the queen, cultivate the ant pupae, and build their homes from the perspective of God. The game contains a variety of ant roles such as queen ants, soldier ants, worker ants, etc. The ant nest and overall scene design are also very vivid. After the game was launched, it ranked in the top 20 of the free list in Hong Kong. The development team later launched “Bee Evolution 3D,” and players’ interest in insect-themed games is still fermenting.

“Come here”

The Three Kingdoms-themed casual tower defense game “Come Here” is very well-made. Whether it is interesting character portraits, incredible action special effects, or just the right music sound effects, all of them bring players a good gaming experience. Players can build arrow towers, troop towers, turrets and magic towers, etc., and rush out monsters for additional resources in the game. The app version gained massive help from the mini game version of the game. The app version jumped from 975th on the iOS game free list to 25th in a short period of time.

“Mutant Octopus”

The game “Mutant Octopus” has a sense of curiosity from just the name. The player turns into an angry mutant octopus. Adjust the angle of the tentacles by controlling the left and right buttons and destroy the enemy to survive in the harsh environment. The gameplay is straightforward but addicting. Players can use the accumulated gold coins to buy weapons, armors, pets, etc., or build their octopus form. As long as it is strong enough, it doesn’t matter how “weird” it is!

“Bomb Cat”

“Bomb Cat” is a casual card game where strategy and luck are indispensable. The card deck includes bombs, demolition, and various function cards such as skipping, throwing pots, flips, and more. Players take turns to draw and play cards and rationally use the cards in their hands to avoid bombs. When the bombs are drawn, they have to be defused. Otherwise, they will be out of the game.

“Fighter: Code 666”

The flying shooting gameFighter: Code 666 “ incorporates Roguelike elements. Players can not only experience the thrill of any combination of dozens of skills but also have a sizeable naval turret fleet behind them to escort them. The battle is full of pressure, and there is no lack of fun and challenges. The mobile game app of the game has topped the free list in China, and the WeChat mini-game version has also won first place in popularity.

In 2022, OPPO Games will provide operational empowerment covering the entire life cycle of games. A “game service direct” distribution model has been launched for platform mini-games. Users can directly play mini-games while watching videos. It significantly promotes the conversion of video ads.

Cocos Creator deeply supports major mainstream platforms. Games can be quickly released to the Web, iOS, Android, HarmonyOS, Windows, Mac, and various small game platforms such as WeChat, Tiktok, Alipay, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, etc. Maximize the visibility and success of your gaming product.

We’re looking forward to more and more developers joining the ranks of Cocos, making excellent cross-platform games, and realizing creative ideas!

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