Best Cocos Tutorials of 2020 - Part 1
2020.07.30 by COCOS
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The year is already halfway done and we've been building up some great tutorials every week with our #TutorialThursday events on Facebook and Twitter. We also shared a few videos from developers using Cocos and built our own.

This list is a partial list of 2020 and a great resource for anyone getting into Cocos or those wanting to expand on their work. So we highly recommend you find the tutorials you love and try them out yourself!

Video Tutorials

Cocos is building a lot of video tutorials that are being released later this year, but for now, we have a great tutorial on creating circular progress bars from our new series "Advanced Cocos Creator Tutorials".

Our friend Martin, from Super Mega Space Game, started up his own channel and we were able to share a few of his videos on social media. Some are basic ideas of game creation and some are full fledge game development. So take a chance to check out his YouTube channel.

Another developer made some great instructional videos on installing Cocos 2d-x 4.0 to your computer in all scenarios. Great job!

Text tutorials

Building a wave effect for water in Cocos Creator


Creating a ghosting effect for super-speed in your Cocos Creator game


Facebook Instant Games progress bars with Cocos Creator


Build your own Flappy Bird in Cocos Creator
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The Best Software Tools To Use With Cocos

Interaction and hierarchy of WebView internal pages in Cocos Creator

Cocos Creator and resource management!


Using Shaders + Mesh Components together in Cocos Creator

Generating a maze with DFS and BFS Algorithm Implementations


Gradients and colors in Cocos Creator


Cocos2d-X Early Xbox One Implementation  by the team at Greentwip