Cocos Game Showcase - July 2018
2020.07.02 by COCOS
Cocos Creator Video Cocos2d-x

We're already halfway done with the year and we've had some amazing games come out in the past few months. Many new WeChat mini games, some great apps for mobile, and a release on the Switch!

We thought it would be great to share with you the amazing progress from developers using Cocos with a showcase video. If you are interested in bringing your game to our next showcase, please contact us and share it on our Discord group. We're always looking for new games to show off using Cocos, both Cocos2d-x and Cocos Creator.

Game List:

  • Imperial Saga Eclipse - Square Enix
  • The Strongest Demon Fighter - Tencent
  • Musical Poet - Shenzhen Wego Technology
  • More Aggressive Zombies - Hodor Games
  • Bridge Wars - Project R3D
  • Election Year Knockout - ExceptioNULL Games
  • Rolling Cat - KingWorks
  • Space Apocolypse - SPD Studio