What's Coming With Future Versions Of Cocos Creator 3.8?
2023.08.10 by Luke
Cocos Creator
It’s been a week since we released 3.8 into the world, and it’s been impressive to see the growth going on with the engine. Some are saying that the new updates to the 3D custom engine have been beneficial, as well as the new look of the UI in the editor.

Because of the growth of Cocos Creator, we’ve been pushing to make a version that will last for a long time and be more productive for companies and developers. That’s why we created this version as LTS.


What is LTS?


Long Term Support means we are pushing to make this version of our engine useful for companies who will be staying with this version of the engine for a long forseeable time. Some companies will need months or years to take their game to the public and more operational support. So, a stable, reliable, and long-term solution is critical to some game companies.


To do this, you will need an engine that can withstand much abuse in how graphics are shared, animations are run, and the algorithms you place in your game. We have been working for the past three years since the release of 3.0 to improve the 3D functions of the engine to the point that we can feel satisfied with it being ready for developers looking to move to Cocos Creator and be confident in the stability of our engine. That time has finally come.


But is that it?


Of course, this isn’t the end of the journey. Like all other game engines, this is just a continuation of the improvements to the engine that developers are craving when they choose what game engine will satisfy their needs for their next masterpiece. We are already working to improve 3.8 with a few more versions before heading to a significant release next year of 3.9. We can’t share all of the great things going on in 3.9 just yet, but we do have a timeline for some items we hope to add for 3.8.1, 3.8.2, etc.

Our team hopes these updates and upgrades will help your game development and push you to build some fantastic games.


We already have an extensive list of great games released this year, and we hope to see your game added to that list next to the incredible game developers using our engine in the industry. It’s always a joy to see what is coming from the community.


Improving your animation


This has been one of the more impressive new aspects of 3.8. The improvement of Marionette animation, character controllers, and improving on IK (Inverse Kinematics) in animation. This has allowed developers to make more complex animations, with the ability to programmatically control the animation effects in a granular manner, allowing for better integration of the character and the environment.


We’re looking to improve and simplify animation system and how it interacts with other systems by polishing its event and trigger system. We're also going to add more usibility of the whole animation system including more tutorials and improve the connection between Marionette animation and Physics including Character controller and IK.


Improving 3D Development in the Scene Editor


As more developers become efficient in our 3D engine, the levels and objects in the level are becoming very detailed, slowing the processing for artists and developers. One major push we are working towards is improving the scene editor to compensate for the advanced work and improve the speed of viewing changes in the scenes. We’re also optimizing memory usage when editing large scenes on the desktop.


We’re also looking to improve your gizmos in the Scene editor. We already have many of the most common ones in the engine. But we are looking at ways to add more and customize for developers' preferences. 


Better XR Support


We’re continuing to improve the quality of XR development with this new version. The most significant push is to improve the overall quality of the XR and work on improving how developers can use the XR for prototyping and quality assurance testing. This includes simulator support for XR. We can’t give all the details, but being able to test without building an XR version will be significant for those working in VR, AR, and XR.


Optimizing build sizes


One issue that we have heard that troubles us is the issue of mesh sizes and mesh rendering in games. We’re striving to improve it so that access to meshes improves and the size of the game shrinks.


We'll be improving the compression algorithms as well to help to bring about much faster improvements in games. The team has already proved in 3.8 that we have improved speeds with Spine, so it’s a matter of time for other improvements.

Rendering Improvements


Though we are still filling in the details on all the new rendering we will be improving on, there is one we are very excited to share with you now. In the past we did a very interesting tutorial on building hyper realistic cars. This used PBR to create the effect of a gloss that reflects off the car like a clearcoat. This will be improved upon by using a coat surface material, that will improve the look of cars with a more elegent multilayer material.


More 3rd Party support


We are pushing hard to get more companies to join our work. We’re thankful for companies in the HTML5 field like Poki, Azerion, and CrazyGames for their support, Google and XSolla for monetization, and Colyseus for networking. We hope to add many more companies to the list that we currently can’t share. But we have been working on it to give you more options on where you share games, how you make money, and what tools can be used to improve your project's front and backend work. We’re deeply thankful for every company working to help game makers build the best games possible.




So, for now, we have much work to do and we haven't even shown half of what is to come! We have a lot of work to improve this version of Cocos Creator continually pushing harder on improved stability of the engine for the time being. But we’re always here to hear what you want for upcoming versions. So make sure you are subscribed to our Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin account and share suggestions in our Discord group.