Becoming A Video Star With A Passion For The Beginner
2022.08.08 by COCOS

Last month, the much-loved Yutu appeared at the Chengdu Salon as the host.

As a Bilibili video creator, many developers have been watching her videos on building games with Cocos Creator. Many people don't know that this girl who taught them programming in her spare time and gained more than 10,000 fans in less than half a year was working on a construction site three years ago!

From the work site to the internet. If you like it, you must be brave to chase

In 2019, Yutu graduated from cost-estimated engineering and joined a company to do cost-related work.

Due to the nature of the work, Yutu had to travel between construction sites. Most of her colleagues are about the same age as her parents, and it was difficult for her to integrate into society when she first entered.

Working in Chongqing in July and August is hot and rainy. So Yutu is like a little donkey pulling a mill, trying to move forward but can only circle in place.

Because of the epidemic, Yutu began to work from home, giving her a chance to stop and think about what she wanted.

The internet companies' open and free working atmosphere was very attractive to her. She has always looked forward to dealing with more peers, sharing, and doing interesting work together.

Yutu began to collect information everywhere, analyze the job requirements, and then sort out and improve her abilities. After a few months of preparation, she began to send resumes related to internet operations.

Entering the game industry by mistake

It's a pity that her many resumes were submitted in vain, and there are occasional interviews, and they also fail due to unsuitable work experience. The only job offer she got was not to her liking.

Just when she was disheartened, she received an interview invitation, but the location was Chengdu and not an operations post. After learning more about the company online, Yutu dispelled her doubts and decided to give it a try. That's the first time we met Yutu.

We asked her about the first impression, and Mr. Kylin, working in our evangelist group, commented on the interview.

"To be honest, even though the photo on the resume is very simple and basic, it can still be seen at a glance that this girl is very beautiful."

During the interview process, Kylin, who sees the appearance of people and the connotation of things, saw many shining points of Yutu: Young and beautiful, strong learning ability, love of life, and willingness to share. Not only that, but Yutu also has a double-degree certificate in engineering cost and English. Even if she dislikes the construction site work, she can clearly summarize the methods and key results. Most importantly, she dares to break the shackles of reality and actively choose her next step.

On the high-speed train back to Chongqing, Yutu received a notice of passing the interview. Although it was inconsistent with the Internet operation position she expected, she believed she could grow in Cocos and accepted the offer.

After joining Cocos, Yutu is mainly responsible for daily office management. In addition to completing these tasks, she actively helps other colleagues by doing market research, data analysis, testing, and even translation. For Yutu, this is a very good opportunity to accumulate experience.

Under the influence of the team's work, Yutu developed a strong interest in programming. At this time, the team needed to do a zero-knowledge novice tutorial. Driven by curiosity and encouraged by his colleagues, Yutu became the "guinea pig" and began to learn to program.

After studying Python and TS code for two months, looking at the frowning Yutu, Kylin said, "Why don't you try writing a shader? That's easier!"

Since then, Yutu has officially opened the door to graphics.

Open the way for 3D graphics learning, filling in the basics gaps

Graphics not only involves mathematics, physics, and computers but also require a particular aesthetic ability, which made Yutu confused.

Since she was a child, she was good at admitting defeat. But this time, she couldn't accept it when she had a problem with graphics.

After completing her daily work, she began to supplement her knowledge of graphics. Fortunately, Yutu is naturally interested in graphics, and the progress went better than expected.

Regarding the learning method at the beginning of graphics, Yutu said:

"The foundation is very important. I spent a long time learning the basics. First, I made up the basics of mathematics, mainly vectors and matrices."

"Through games101 and different books, I became familiar with the rendering process and pushed the basic formulas (such as matrix transformation, etc.) by myself. If I didn't understand the parts, I went to the Internet to find information or consulted the big guys around me until I figured it out. So far. This way, I can form a more systematic knowledge structure, which is difficult to forget."

After accumulating some basic knowledge, Yutu tried to make her first Shader effect: RimLight.

When asked about Yutu's learning experience with graphics, Yutu said:

"Graphics uses much more basic knowledge than Python and TS, but the basic knowledge is mainly used in thinking. This may also be what Kylin meant when he said I should try a Shader. Simpler understanding."

Use your programming skills to do interesting things. I accidentally harvested 13,000 fans

When asked about her future plans, Yutu said:

"I hope to share more learning videos and let more people fall in love with graphics because of my content."

In January of this year, Yutu uploaded her first graphics-related video, sharing the creation of the effect of glowing on the edges of characters. Later, she shared several videos, including cartoon-style water body rendering, edge detection algorithm based on screen post-processing, etc. The cumulative playback volume is nearly 400,000.

Among them, the playback volume of "Advanced Cartoon Water Rendering Video" exceeded 100,000, which surprised Yutu and gave her the motivation to make more videos.

When asked why her video might be popular, Yutu said:

"Most graphics tutorials are based on articles or videos with a PPT. Relatively speaking, the video demonstrating the operation will be clearer and easier to understand. And because I am a beginner, I can better understand the novice's questions. When explaining the appropriate steps, it will be targeted, and the novice can understand it all at once."

"More importantly, I have a group of colleagues who can guide and help me in all aspects of graphics, aesthetics, video, operations, photography, etc. Almost everyone has been "harassed" by me. For example, my colleagues who know 3D help me answer questions about the graphics section, my colleagues in art taught me some aesthetic foundations and software skills, and even my business colleagues have also been my photographers and passers-by…."

As long as you are willing to put in the time and effort, you will gain knowledge

As Yutu's new mentor, Kylin also recognized her progress very much.

"From the simplest administrative assistant to zero basic programming skills, Yutu can complete the transformation in just a few months, which is both unexpected and extounding."

Zhang Xiaoheng, the head of Cocos Store operations, also felt deeply about Yutu's learning style.

"It can be seen that Yutu loves graphics from the bottom of her heart. Whenever and wherever she doesn't understand something, she will catch the big guys and ask questions. This makes me feel the simplicity of teaching and the simplicity of learning by Yutu. I sincerely praise Yutu for her enthusiasm for learning!"

Life is just like riding a skateboard. Without learning from the persistence of stumbles, obstacles, and balance, there is no smooth trip. What's more enjoyable is that there are a group of like-minded partners to accompany you along the way, or it is precisely such a team that can continuously stimulate the potential of each individual. We also hope that more talented and interesting souls will join in. Cocos, together to promote technology updates, bring the best products and services to developers!