Cocos Announces Cocos Creator 3.5 Will Bring Swappy Support
2022.03.23 by COCOS
Cocos Creator Version Updates

Cocos Announces Cocos Creator 3.5 Will Bring Android Frame Pacing Support With The Help Of Google

The partnership was announced at GDC as part of Google For Games presentation at the event

(San Francisco, CA - March 23, 2001) Cocos continues its partnership with Google and their Android gaming ecosystem by announcing their upcoming version, Cocos Creator 3.5, with Swappy support added into the open-source game engine. Swappy is the codename for Frame Pacing Library. This library helps OpenGL and Vulkan games have better and more consistent frame rates without the latency when frames are waiting to be rendered, leading to visual artifacting. This library is part of the Android Game SDK and is only available for Android games.

“Swappy will sync game's logic and rendering loop with an OS's display subsystem, and the underlying display hardware will help games achieve smooth rendering and correct frame pacing on Android,” says Minggo Zhang, Cocos game engine architect. “We've already been testing it with Cocos Creator 3.5 and found improvements in the rendering of games. We're excited to see how developers will use this in the future.”

This is not the first time Cocos has worked extensively with Google. Since its inception, Cocos has worked with Google on significant projects to improve HTML5 gaming and Google Play Instant. "We've been doing some amazing things thanks to Google and their staff," says Cocos CTO Lin Shun. "But we are always committed to ensuring that developers are getting everything they need to make their games come alive on Android devices and help improve the mobile gaming industry with our open-source technology. Swappy is just another great addition to our software."

More information on how Cocos will be using the frame pacing API and documentation on Swappy will be available at the release of Cocos Creator 3.5. Cocos is estimating a release time of late April.

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