Cocos Awarded "Top 100 Tech Companies Most Wanted By Investors" By 36kr
2022.07.21 by COCOS

Recently, 36Kr, a highly read technology blog in China, released the "Top 100 Hardcore Technology Companies Most Wanted by Investors in 2022" survey. The survey was in search of 100 high-quality companies with excellent business capabilities and technical power. The companies were selected by a panel of industry analysts and other experts.

The list was first open to the whole industry to collect advanced technology companies with the most potential for development and cutting-edge technology innovation, including and not limited to startups and mature companies in the chip, artificial intelligence, automotive technology, intelligent manufacturing, cloud computing, network security, SaaS and other niche tracks. The four dimensions of "innovation," "product power," "performance," and "influence" are used as the selection criteria. From the selection, a new criteria of "innovation," "product power," "performance," and "impact" were used as reference dimensions that investors and capital care about to select 100 high-quality companies with technical power and business capabilities.

Cocos, the world's leading digital interactive content development platform, was selected as one of the "Top 100 Hardcore Technology Companies Most Wanted by Investors in 2022" based on its technology, products, and commercialization achievements.

With the digital transformation of the industry, many industries are showing the demand for 3D digitalization. As the underlying infrastructure for 3D content development, the Cocos engine has been cultivating in the field of digital content creation for many years. Adhering to the corporate vision of "promoting the efficiency of the digital content industry with technology," since its establishment, Cocos has received continuous attention and support from investors such as CIT, GGV, Jinglin Investment, and SAIF.

Also, this month, Pencil Road, a company known to share the most innovative companies in China, released its top companies for 2022, and Cocos was placed in the top 10 "Digital Smart Brands" and top 10 "Innovative Brands" in China.

In the future, Cocos will continue to deepen its engine technology, provide developers with more convenient creation tools, and bring reliable technical solutions and quality content supply to partner platforms.