Cocos Creator 2.4.5 Supports Apple's New M1 Chip
2021.04.19 by COCOS
Cocos Creator Version Updates

Download Cocos Dashboard here to get Cocos Creator 2.4.5

We’re excited to be sharing this update with you as we continue to improve Cocos Creator for all developers who are continuing to build games for Cocos Creator in 2.x for the foreseeable future.

As we promised, when releasing 3.0, support for Cocos Creator 2.4 will be continuing for the next two years for those who want to stay within the old version or have current projects that are not qualified for 3.0.

We have a converter within 3.0 that can convert 2.x projects to 3.0, but the action is non-reversible, so it’s good to create a copy and work from there. If you want to read more, there is a complete guide inside our documentation.

Learn more about the update in our developer log.

M1 chip support

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After Apple’s M1 chip was launched, the engine group received feedback from many developers, and the adaptation of the M1 chip was pushed for the next 2.4 release. Cocos Creator 3.0 already has support for the M1 chip, and work to add support for 2.4.x followed closely. We finally can share that version 2.4.5 officially supports the environment of the M1 chip. Everyone is welcome to experience and use it!

Significant bug fixes

  • Fix the problem that caused the built-in effect to fail to load when the effect resource has a syntax error
  • Fix the problem for when the scale bar does not return to 0 when the animation editor is entered for the first time
  • Fix the problem that the animation sequence on the component changes after editing the animation
  • Fix the issue of reporting errors when removing resident nodes in `onDestroy`
  • Fix the inconsistency of the scrolling speed of Scroll View in Firefox and Chrome
  • Fix the problem of SafeArea error when playing vertical screen games on iPad

Download Cocos Dashboard here to get Cocos Creator 2.4.5