Cocos Creator Comes To The Nintendo Switch
2022.06.29 by COCOS

Cocos Creator Brings More Power To Game Creation With Nintendo Switch Support

First official support of consoles in the company's 11-year history

(Beijing, China, June 30, 2022) – Cocos Technology, known for its open-source game engine technology, announced today that their latest game engine, Cocos Creator, is officially adding the ability to develop for the Nintendo Switch. This is the first time the company has officially ventured into console gaming with the help of Nintendo, making it an official game engine for Nintendo developers.

"People have known us for having the best open-source engine for game development for mobile devices and the web," says Cocos Technology CEO Zhe Wang. "But as our development ecosystem has been evolving, so have our company's goals, and the Nintendo Switch is part of our future. Not only for its ability to have gaming on the go but its appeal to gamers here in China and globally."

"This is just the beginning of the many things happening with Cocos Creator," says Cocos Technical Director Huabin Ling. "We have already expanded with support for HarmonyOS, TikTok, and WeChat mini games. Nintendo adds even more places developers can create and share their products across the world. We're excited to share where Cocos Creator games go next."

"Cocos Creator For Nintendo Switch" Is available for free in early July to all Nintendo Switch developers in the middleware section of the Nintendo Developers Portal. Developers who are already approved to develop for the Nintendo Switch can access the software from Cocos. For more information, check our official blog

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