CrazyGames Brings New Opportunities To Cocos Developers
2023.05.30 by Luke

Over the past few years, we've seen a trend in HTML5. Many publishers are starting to give high praise to games built with Cocos Creator and are now asking for more of these games on their web portals, apps, and other places. We're excited about the news and giving one great example to our developers.


CrazyGames is a go-to browser games platform with over 22 million monthly players worldwide. Their games are sometimes exclusive or cross-platform; many come from top mobile game publishers and studios.



Recently they announced their interest in Cocos Creator and have added an SDK instruction guide on how Cocos Creator game makers can add their games to this excellent service, adding another fantastic platform to the many already supported. We were able to catch up with their team and ask Rafael Morgan, director of partnerships at CrazyGames, a few questions about the SDK, what they are doing, and what you can expect with their platform.


Cocos: It's great to talk to one of the big web game portals online. How has the transition from Flash to HTML5 been? I know it's been a few years, but seeing where it's going has been interesting.


Rafael: From the company's start, we were focused on bringing on as many HTML5 games as possible. By the time Flash officially died, only 1.5% of gameplays were Flash games. Ultimately, users care more about playing good games that work well than the underlying technology. With recent HTML5 engines such as Cocos, performance is so good that users can play amazing games without thinking about how it works.


C: It's great to hear they love games built with Cocos. What are HTML5 games doing now that you weren't getting in the past?


R: Web games today offer several advantages compared to the past Flash era.

Modern web games are cross-platform compatible, running smoothly on various devices and operating systems without needing additional plugins. Unlike in the past, we're now seamlessly streaming 4K videos and playing games via the web browser while barely waiting a second, thanks to advances in hardware, web technologies, and internet speeds. These combined advancements have made web gaming incredibly accessible and much sleeker, even on lower-end devices. It's a radically different online space.



Compared to the Flash era, we have social media and something new and viral emerging on the hour. Sharing a link to a web game with friends fits well into modern online culture, where there is less friction and people's behaviors move fast. Mobile was the catalyst for this culture to blow up, and indeed mobile compatibility is another significant benefit to users, as web games can be played on smartphones and tablets without the need for dedicated apps.


Integration with web technologies allows for multiplayer capabilities, social interactions, and cloud-based game saves, resulting in a whole new genre of online multiplayer games. The security of web games has also been enhanced compared to Flash, minimizing the risk of cyberattacks.


More tools than ever support the creation of visually impressive and feature-rich games for the web, enabling developers to take advantage of an online audience of millions hungry for free and instant games.


The web gaming community has expanded, providing platforms for developers to showcase their games and facilitating game distribution and collaboration. Overall, these advancements in modern web games provide a more accessible, engaging, and secure gaming experience for players.


C: That's a lot of great stuff. It seems web games have been really moving fast. What about Cocos Creator games? I'm wondering how they are doing.


R: Since the Cocos SDK was recently released, we are onboarding the first Cocos games. One of the most popular games coming to CrazyGames is Ludo Club by Moonfrog Labs, a game with millions of players worldwide. Now that the SDK is published, we look forward to publishing more games made with Cocos Creator.

Cocos Creator is an excellent partner for CrazyGames. It's a powerful game development platform with an extensive feature set and an amazing community. Many developers who have used Cocos Creator to make games have worked perfectly on the web, and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. As one of the largest browser gaming websites in the world, we think it is natural to engage with the Cocos community and help more talented Cocos developers bring their games to the web.


C: We think so too. We are excited to share some of the great opportunities that Crazy Games has to offer. One thing we are focusing on lately with developers is improving monetization for their games. What are some tips you have for our developers?


R: The most significant piece of advice for those publishing games on CrazyGames is to actively engage with the CrazyGames community and leverage the platform's features, like our SDK, to promote and monetize your game. Create something crazy and quickly test whether it catches on with real users. If it does, iterates, build the community, and scale!


Saying all of that, our in-game advertising is a crucial component of monetization on CrazyGames. We provide a Cocos SDK that enables developers to serve high-quality banner ads, interstitial ads between levels, and rewarded video ads, providing players with in-game rewards for watching.


C: What are some of the significant benefits you are giving developers now that the SDK is available for Cocos Creator projects?


R: Our SDK serves as the link between your Cocos game and CrazyGames. Some of the highlights:


       Integration is easy

       It increases your revenue through user-friendly ads

       The documentation is simple to follow

       It ensures your game integrates perfectly into the CrazyGames ecosystem

       You only have to do it once!


CrazyGames is looking to support you every step of the way with dedicated support from the team, an easy-to-use SDK, and built-in analytics to help you optimize your earnings and achieve success on the platform. We really want Cocos developers to be a part of our community.



Thanks to CrazyGames for supporting our developers with their SDK. We hope you try their services out as one of the many great companies looking to find amazing HTML5 games today.