More Than A Game Engine, Cocos Completes $50 Million In Series B Financing
2022.04.11 by Luke
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(Beijing, China – April 11, 2022) Cocos Technology is announcing that it has completed $50 million USD Series B financing. The investors include CCB Trust, GGV Capital, Agora, and others. With this round of funding, Cocos will continue to improve the core technology of the engine with the help of capital and promote the further integration of the engine within various industries such as games, automobiles, education, XR, home design, architectural engineering design, and other future endeavors. We are committed to providing developers with more convenient creation tools, reliable technical solutions, and diversified products and services for cross-industry customers.

Founded in 2010, Cocos is the world's leading digital interactive content development platform. The Cocos engine is a popular open-source engine in the world. Cocos has cultivated the underlying technology for many years, providing the most professional products and services. Cocos Creator is an efficient and easy-to-use cross-platform interactive digital content development engine built by Cocos. It is not only a powerful game development tool but also an open-source engine that can meet the creative needs of many developers and engineers.

In May 2021, Cocos Creator 3.1 was officially released. Cocos and Huawei's HiSilicon team cooperated on the underlying facilities of the engine, becoming the first case of the "chip + engine" cooperation model in China. This version includes the deferred rendering pipeline contributed by the Huawei HiSilicon GPU team and the support of the PhysX physical backend. Cocos has also taken advantage of the trend to break through traditional 3D rendering technology, and the engine computing power has reached a new level.

In June 2021, Cocos Creator 3.2 version was released. Cocos and Huawei launched comprehensive cooperation to become the world's first cross-platform graphics rendering engine supporting HarmonyOS and officially endorsed the HarmonyOS multi-device collaboration. With the development of the Internet of Everything, the cooperation between Cocos engine and Huawei HarmonyOS will bring a new interactive mode and promote new growth in games, IoT, and other industries. 

The Cocos engine covers all market categories and is widely used and recognized worldwide. China's mobile game market share accounts for 40%, and the global mobile game market share accounts for 30%. Tencent, NetEase, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and other major game developers have used the Cocos engine to develop and launch their game products.

Starting from mobile games, the Cocos engine has grown into a universal tool across multiple fields, ready to embrace the next generation of Internet digital content world.

In the field of smart cars, Cocos has accumulated solutions in ADAS, HMI, and other technology to create functional interaction in different scenarios between people and vehicles and vehicles and the outside world. This can help smart cockpits create new HMI, VPA, automatic driving visualization, game content, and more. Cocos has also built PaaS service platforms for intelligent cockpits such as service OEMs, Tier 1, and Internet of Vehicles enterprises. Multi-modal interactive smart cockpit products based on Cocos 3D rendering engine will also be launched shortly.

In online education, Cocos launched the Cocos ICE courseware editor for education companies. This is an interactive courseware editor that can be used quickly without coding. It has strong compatibility and can be customized. Cocos currently occupies more than 90% of the Chinese market in this new online education sector.

At the end of 2021, Baidu released the metaverse product "Xi Rang" to accelerate the layout of the metaverse. Cocos has recently become a partner of Baidu, providing a technical platform base for the metaverse world. The two parties will jointly build a metaverse world.

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Founded in 2011, Cocos is a world-leading digital interactive content development platform. Based on the technical capabilities of the open-source Cocos engine, the company provides developers with convenient creation tools for different industrial applications in the fields such as video games, automotive, digital interaction, and ed-tech. So far, the Cocos engine has served 1.5 million developers across 203 countries and regions worldwide, covering more than 1.6 billion end users. Visit us at

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