Cocos And BYD Reached A Cooperation To Explore Intelligent cockpit solutions
2023.04.20 by Cocos

Recently, Cocos and BYD reached cooperation as the two sides will focus on in-depth collaboration and development in the field of the intelligent cockpit and in-car intelligent interaction. The groups will jointly explore the innovation of core products of smart vehicles and experience improvement, promote the accelerated implementation of smart driving for the whole scene, and help BYD lead the smart driving experience.


Cocos has been working in the field of intelligent driving and has a rich accumulation of 3D game engine commercialization. Based on Cocos' high-performance open-source engine and easy-to-use development tools, Cocos can provide intelligent cabin solutions consisting of in-vehicle human-machine interaction interface, auto-assisted driving visualization, in-vehicle virtual image, in-vehicle games, and other applications.


BYD has profound industrial advantages in new energy vehicle R&D and manufacturing, complete supply chain resources, etc. The two are a perfect match to create product digitization, operation digitization, and industry chain digitization. In this cooperation, both parties will use their advantages in their respective fields and jointly explore smart cabin solutions.


According to the strategic cooperation memorandum, Cocos will provide 3D capabilities for BYD's DiLink intelligent network system and provide BYD users with a better 3D interaction experience through Cocos eco-developer community. The two parties will explore the areas of HMI, games, 2D/3D engine rendering, digital game development and operation, user interaction, user experience development, 3D scene visualization for autonomous driving, the use of XR technology in the smart cockpit, and smart cockpit HMI editor.


The cooperation between Cocos and BYD will effectively promote the full integration of real-time 3D engine technology and smart cockpit, explore the ultimate hardware performance, provide more innovative applications and user experience for the industry, and create the future of smart cars together.


Cocos HMI smart cockpit solution, helping to upgrade the car intelligence


Based on the excellent cross-platform capability of the Cocos engine, the Cocos HMI solution can run on multiple chips and adapt to Android, Linux, QNX, and other mainstream car systems, helping OEMs achieve full coverage of low, mid, and high-end models.


Cocos HMI is based on the lightweight and high efficiency of the Cocos engine, which can achieve the lowest resource consumption with the same level of graphics performance as other commercial engines. Cocos can provide the best visual experience with the same resource consumption.


With Cocos' efficient tool chain, Cocos HMI provides a unified technology stack and development standard and has built-in mature and stable core application development templates that have been proven in commercial projects.


Cocos is also able to provide customers with original technical support. It supports in-depth white-box mode customization and source code level customization to help OEMs create a unified, standardized, automated, and reusable in-vehicle application development workflow to help car companies build multimodal smart cockpits and promote smart car upgrades.