The Best Companies In America Build Mobile Games With Cocos
2020.06.30 by COCOS
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When it comes to game development, the USA is right up there with Japan and Europe as having the best games built. The arcade started in the USA, and the home gaming craze started there too. Video gaming has been a part of the fabric of America for over 40 years. With the industry in America reaching over 19.72 billion USD last year, it has already surpassed the music industry, movie industry, and the TV industry.

With that in mind, game developers are always looking hard to find the best tools to build the next best hit in one of the most competitive places in the world for games. Cocos-built games have already hit big in the country with games like Pokemon Master, AFK Arena, and Fire Emblem Heroes finding their fandom. It also has found fans of homegrown games, built with the work from companies like Zynga, Crowdstar, and TapBlaze among others.

Here are a few of the companies using Cocos to get to the top of the mobile charts:

Jam City

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One of America's biggest casual game developers is known for some of the biggest games in the industry, including games using some of the greatest brands like Disney, Fox, and Snoopy. With so many great games, it's no doubt they've needed Cocos for their games.

The company started in 2010 as Social Gaming Network and quickly picked up some of the best small studios in the industry, changing their name to Jam City in 2016.   

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Jam City's biggest branded game allows you to be a part of the Harry Potter world by building your own character and having them experience the experiences of being a wizard at Hogwarts, learning new spells, and creating new stories.

The game already has over 10 million downloads on Google Play and hit the homepage of the App Store over 100 times.

Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff

One of the biggest games by TinyCo before being purchased by Jam City was this Family Guy based mobile game. The game follows the building games that were popular in the late 2000s, but with the fun of meeting the many great characters from the TV show

The game was launched early in 2014, but still gets updated to this day.

Pocket Gems

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Opening its doors in 2009, the company was one of the first to build games for the iPhone and Android phones. They released their first game in 2010 and have been building fun games that included hidden puzzle, simulation, and dress-up games.

It wasn’t until they found their big hit in 2013 that they grew a massive new genre from a genre that already was popularized in another country.

Episodes – Choose Your Story

The game builds off the same idea as many Japanese dating simulators of the past, allowing you to build your own story from the choices you make. But the company moved past dating and entered into many different story genres, including Action, Adventure, Fantasy, and Drama. If you searched through their hundreds of stories on the app, there's probably a story just perfect for you.

One of the fun parts about the game is the ability to build your own stories and share it with anyone using the app. So go out there and make your own fun.


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Starting in 2013, the company has worked to build up a character development based game company where the player grows with the characters they play. They also have pushed for social change giving money to organizations that fight cyber-bullying. The company is always trying to follow their motto: Bring meaningful and positive game experiences to our millions of players around the world.

Though they are not known for hundreds of games, they have one game that continues to keep gamers excited every day.

Choices: Stories You Play

In August of 2016, Pixelberry caught onto the success of Episodes to build their own audience of gamers with highly curated stories that have made for extremely fanatical readers and gamers if you check out their Reddit fan page. It's just awesome to know the best games in this genre are using Cocos for their games.

GSN (aka Game Show Network)

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Most older gamers might remember the company for its cable broadcasts of older game shows on TV. But in 2007, they acquired a game company and started to grow into the game industry. From there, multiple big games have been released and have become one of the leaders in casual mobile games in the country.

Many of their games are based on the casino genre with bingo and slot machine games within GSN Casino being their first big hit on the App Store.

Bingo Bash

One of the most popular Bingo games on your phone and is using Cocos2d-x to get the millions of gamers playing with others all over the world. The game includes classic versions as well as themed rooms and team play. And with a 4.5 rating with over half a million reviews, it's amazing to see it's still in top app rankings all this time.