What Games Built With Cocos Are Already Popular on China's TikTok?
2022.08.02 by Luke
Cocos Creator

With the announcement of games being available for TikTok, we have been excited to share how much Cocos Creator can help you to get your game into the platform. We've been working with TikTok's owner, ByteDance, for a very long time to help them in this project and have a lot of top-rated games already on the app Douyin.

Douyin is the official Chinese version of TikTok, and we were one of the first game engines to be supporting this platform. You'll see it from the "Byte Games" option in the build area of Cocos Creator.

There are currently more than 600 million daily active users of Douyin. On the Douyin mini-game platform recently, casual puzzle games made with Cocos like "Gluttonous Apple Snake" and "National Brain Burning New Edition" have performed well, not only gaining a large number of players on the app but also gaining popularity with online discussions.

We want to share some of the most popular "Created with Cocos" puzzle games on Douyin doing well recently. These are just a sample of games you could also try to build on this new platform.

Greedy Apple Snake

Early on in Douyin mini games, the self-developed puzzle game "Gluttonous Apple Snake" by Changsha Lingyi Mutual Entertainment topped the Hot List for several consecutive weeks, and the discussion about the game has accumulated over 650 million views.

The game is innovative in the traditional way of the original mobile game "Snake." The player controls the snake through the arrow keys. After eating the apple, the snake will grow longer and enter the next level after finding a way to the black hole. The gameplay is simple, but the level design is quite tricky. It is easy to walk into a "dead end" or fall off a cliff. This has also spawned many short walkthrough videos, attracting many players to participate in the discussion.

After the Douyin game became popular, "Gluttonous Apple Snake" recently launched a mobile game version on the Android side and quickly entered the TOP 5 of TapTap's new game list and the TOP 3 on the casual games list. Spreading from Douyin as the starting point to other channels has also become an idea for more and more game publishing and even development.

Knowledge Is Power

The word puzzle game "Knowledge is Power" also comes from Changsha Lingyi Interactive Entertainment. After its launch last year, it topped the App Store's free game list and simultaneously ranked top three on Douyin's mini-game list.

As a relaxed and casual puzzle game, "Knowledge is Power" chose a simple black and white design, allowing players to focus more on solving Chinese puzzles. Players need fully use their understanding of Chinese characters and how to connect them to make new words. For example, open the "door" by combing words to make the word "key" and enter the next level. As the game progresses, the text in the levels becomes more and more abundant, and elements such as tigers, vicious dogs, and ghosts will appear, and the knowledge of Chinese culture involved will become more extensive.

National Brain Burning New Edition

The puzzle game "National Brain Burning New Edition" currently ranks No. 1 on the Douyin Mini Game Hot List, and the discussions of the same name have accumulated 1.89 billion+ views. In the past few years, many casual games of the "Brain Hole Question Collection" have emerged, and the "New Edition of National Burning Brain" is also taking the same route. The game combines various unconventional routines, including observing tests, brain-burning games, IQ tests, one-handed reactions, detective solving cases, reverse logic, etc. The gameplay is diverse, easy, and fun.

Journey to the West


"Journey to the West" is a puzzle game with the theme of "Journey to the West," a famous novel in Chinese history. It has been on the hot list of Douyin mini-games for several weeks. The game combines nonsensical modern culture with classic items in the story. There are currently 39 levels, and the way to solve the puzzles in each level is bizarre, and there is no logic. Often, you don't know how to pass the level after reading the prompts. It can be regarded as a very unique game experience.


"Journey to the West" uses funny art and animations and incorporates many "Douyin-style" music and special effects to accurately grasp the preferences of a large number of Douyin users. After the popularity of "Journey to the West," Nanjing Tomato Interactive Entertainment, the game developer, launched the same series of "Three Kingdoms," another famous Chinese novel, with the same play style with a lot of hidden easter eggs in addition to solving puzzles. Enrich the fun and playability of the game.

Homework Is Going Crazy

Nostalgia games are becoming a big hit in China. One game helps remind people of when they were driven crazy by homework as a child. "Homework is going crazy," a life-simulation + puzzle game, takes players back to the school days when homework was never finished.

Teachers assign homework through WeChat groups, and players must solve a series of complex problems covering logic and reasoning, mathematics, language, music, art, and other disciplines. The questions must be solved before the parents' "patient-level" is exhausted.

Line Drawing Stickman

The puzzle casual game "Line Drawing Stickman," which once topped the Douyin Mini Game Hot List, currently has 2.22 billion+ discussion views on Douyin. The game graphics are simple, and the gameplay is simple. The player helps the stickman avoid various weapons or dangers through a single stroke, to rescue the stickman and enter the next level successfully. The game is full of novelty in terms of the methods to win, and the difficulty is increased layer by layer, which is very suitable for casual players to play a few games in a short amount of time.

River Crossing Master

"Crossing the River Master" inspiration comes from the classic "Crossing the River" logic problem. On this basis, the creative team has added various elements and gameplay. It seems simple, but because each level has various conditions, it becomes harder to solve these various puzzles successfully. The fresh and cute cartoon style is very suitable for the casual tone of the game and is very comfortable to play.