Bringing more stability to Cocos Creator with 3.7.1
2023.02.22 by Cocos
Cocos Creator

Download Cocos Creator 3.7.1 from the Cocos Dashboard


Cocos Creator 3.7.1 is all about squashing the new bugs we had when releasing the last version. It is a sad fact that after a new major upgrade, your update goes smoothly, and only a few bugs with minor issues come, or it has a lot of problems that developers discover and need fixing. This update is fixing the latter. But the good news is that this has vastly improved the stability and power of 3.7.


We’ve also included improvements on two items with this update:

  1. Improved our documentation for APIs. You can view a lot more information when going to our API documentation at
  2. Added mesh optimization parameters to FBX models. Thidramaticallyly improves the look of your models when you add them to your game.


Another big announcement is we are releasing a giant demo project for you to play with. It comes with a lot of the new technology we have been sharing in recent updates, so you can go in and play around with it and use it as a learning tool for your game. You can download it from the Cocos Store.




Here are a few more great things coming from our latest release



  • Fixed the event editing panel of the animation editor to display abnormally
  • Fix the default import type in Preferences to fail after restart #14176
  • Fix the discarded gltfpack surface reduction algorithm in the model surface reduction configuration is invalid
  • Fixed the problem that some 3D physics backend configurations did not take effect in the editor preview
  • Fix the inaccurate scene click issue on devices with dpi over 2
  • Fix the gizmo display exception caused by the camera fov setting in the scene editor
  • Fix light map spotlight rendering error
  • Light probe supports direct lighting of directional light
  • Fix the problem that the result.settings obtained by the build plug-in is invalid
  • Fix the problem that the custom texture compression tool does not support the relative path of the project
  • Fix the problem that when the application.ejs template is used for building, the build result has an extra application.ejs file
  • Fix the problem that UI_2D may not be selected for layer when creating a new Canvas
  • Fixed the problem that the preference setting program manager configuration may be invalid after upgrading to 3.7


Download Cocos Creator 3.7.1 from the Cocos Dashboard