The newest update to Cocos Creator 2.x. Cocos Creator 2.4.10 is available

2022.8.30 Official Blog by COCOS

Download Cocos Creator 2.4.10 from the Cocos Dashboard

2.4.10 fixes some recently discovered 2.x related issues, improves the editor’s and engine’s stability, solves some native mobile platform-related problems, and is recommended for all 2.x users. This version does not damage the compatibility of projects and plugins, so please refer to the upgrade instructions of 2.4.7 to update.

We will continue to provide critical bug fixes through 2022, as planned, for the official release of version 3.0. These fixes will be optimized around stability and usability only, so it is no longer recommended for new users or projects to choose 2.4 but to develop with 3.x.

For installation questions, visit the developer log area of our forum.


● Fix an error that occurs when the Timeline editor exits after editing RichText.

● Fix the problem of incorrect storage location of metafile in the secondary folder when exporting resource. (thanks to Finscn).

● Fix the problem that the bundle priority property of folder configuration has the wrong number type.(thanks to Finscn )

● Improved the Python 2.x installation hints required for building native platforms on Mac.

● Fix an issue with the help link in the Editor Properties panel not working.


● Fix an error reported when polygon components collide in the physics engine.(

● Fix the problem that internal data is not released after Tween has stopped (, thanks to Finscn.

● Fixed the problem that when Label and particle nodes are disabled, the component enable state is wrong after entering the Timeline editor (

● Director.EVENT_BEFORE_UPDATE, Director.EVENT_AFTER_UPDATE, Director.EVENT_AFTER_DRAW events, add deltaTime parameter (, thanks to Finscn.

● MotionStreak effect optimization: Fix the trail position when initializing and avoiding trail delay by one frame. (

● Improve the definition of some interfaces in creator.d.ts (


● Fix the problem of audio acceleration when entering the background (

● Fix the crash problem when jumping to ads on the Android platform (

● Fix the problem of getting the wrong language after the Android 7 version (

● Fix the issue that the native WebSocket call to Close causes the game to crash (

Download Cocos Creator 2.4.10 from the Cocos Dashboard

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