Welcome To Cocos Creator

Hey! I’m C.C.

Thanks for choosing to use Cocos Creator for your next game. I’m glad you are becoming a game developer with Cocos.

Cocos Creator is great because it’s open-source, multi-platform, royalty-free, and is used by some of the biggest and smallest game companies in the world!

The great thing about Cocos Creator is it’s easy to build any 2D and 3D game. Just look at what you can do!

Cyberpunk World

Fantasy Adventure

Space Exploration

So, Where Do We Start First?

You’ll need to download a few items to get you started.

Now that you have that, you need to understand how Cocos Creator works. We recommend you read and understand the Documentation and API calls for Cocos Creator

Do You Know TypeScript?

Cocos Creator uses TypeScript, an amazing coding language with the power and speed of JavaScript, but the amazing flexibility of most new languages. If you haven’t learned it, no problem. We have some great resources for you.

Let’s Make Our First Game!

So what should we build? We have a lot of great tutorials to get you started, but let’s start by helping you get familiar with Cocos Creator. We made two great tutorial videos on Cocos Creator for those using 2.x and 3.x. Please start here to get familiar with the game engine.

Need More Help And Tutorials?

Ready to take your development to the next level? We have a lot of amazing great tutorials and example projects you can choose to look at and test out.

Need Help From Others?

Thanks For Building Your Games With Cocos!

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