Final Salon Of The Year Brings Cocos To Hangzhou

2019.12.4 Official News by COCOS

We’re always looking to the future and working with great companies to get there. This past weekend we continued that work by hosting a salon with the help of Google Cloud in the city of Hangzhou, China, a city near Shanghai known for some of the best developers and companies in East China.

The Salon was titled “New Opportunities Abroad with Cocos and Google” and shared a lot of great information about what both of our companies are doing to improve mobile gaming opportunities for those developers looking to go abroad with their games and the future of gaming with the help of Cocos. We also invited ironSource and Google (not the cloud team) to come and give a talk about their learnings in mobile game development.

Cocos CEO Walzer Wang

With a brief introduction from our CEO, Walzer Wang, the four-hour event started with developers listening to talks from the Cocos, Google Cloud, Google, and ironSource team, talking about the services they offer and how they are used in the west to bring about great results to their customers.

The talks included how to grow as a small developer, the roadmap for Cocos Creator in 2020, Google Cloud, and how they help developer networks, some case studies from big game companies in China coming to the west, and improving growth for great future income.

Cocos technical director Panda Ling

The final speaker was our own Cynthia Du, VP of Cocos, and her talk about the future technology that we are working on for the upcoming months. This new technology (including 5G technology) is not only helping in China but also abroad very soon. We can’t tell you everything about it yet, but we’ll be sharing with the world at an upcoming event.

Cocos VP Cynthia Du

Though we can’t talk much about this part of the talk, one thing we could talk about was our work with Instant Games for Facebook and other instant game platforms. Cocos Creator currently is being used in 24% of the developed game for Facebook Instant Gaming, and 57% for China’s instant games use our engine. This is a large portion of the instant game pie, and we’re looking to make it bigger in 2020.

The caption says: “The most popular game engine in mini games worldwide”

The event ended with a very long and fun Q&A with many great questions asked by the audience and many smiles. We’re hoping to look for more locations for our next event. If you have suggestions, message us on Twitter @Cocos2dx.

Q&A Session