Cocos Partners with Google to Help Web-Enabled Games Cash In
2022.11.30 by Cocos
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After three years of operation, “Top War,” the benchmark game built with Cocos Creator with over 100 million users, urgently needed new growth points. Using the Cocos engine, the R&D team at River Games completed the development of the Web version of the game in just about a month. It gained 3 million new users in a short time after the launch.


This case also shows the massive potential of the web-based game market.

In the past few years, many game makers have created various Web content through the Cocos engine. Ubisoft Nano, Ubisoft’s multiplayer online H5 game platform, continues to release original cross-platform multiplayer games. Sanji’s heavy SLG “Three Kingdoms: Glory of Heroes” has a web and mobile version operating simultaneously.


Cocos is also continuing to promote the construction of the web-side ecology, helping developers to quickly launch multi-side games (Web/mini game/mobile) and improve the success rate of HTML5 games.


New WebGPU – Build better performance.


Efficiency is one of the reasons why many developers choose to use Cocos to develop multiplayer games. The ‘efficiency’ here is not only in the ability to quickly create content from scratch but also in the process of packaging and building, and releasing the project.


Cocos Creator supports all major platforms, allowing developers to publish content to web/game/native platforms with a single click, reducing the cost of building multi-platform versions.


Play Top War Online!


Take River Games as an example. The web version of the game took only one month from project to development to official launch. The R&D team shared that this efficiency was also related to the fact that the APP version was originally developed using the Cocos engine. The convenience of interoperability allowed them not to need to rewrite the code and build a new framework but only to transfer the original data to the Web version and solve the interface problems.


Facing the demand of developers to find new web publishing, Cocos has provided SDKs for many famous web game platforms, including GameDistribution and Poki, so that developers can publish their games to the corresponding platforms more conveniently and gain more exposure with the traffic value of these platforms.



In addition, developers can also quickly access Xsolla, Vungle, Tradplus, Topon, and other services through Cocos Service or Cocos Store, so they can easily collect payments and realize advertisements at home and abroad.


GameDistribution SDK


Poki SDK


To ensure that the same content provides a high-fidelity gaming experience on different platforms, Cocos uses a native/web-side dual-core architecture in its engine, which helps development teams to do precise and improved optimization for the platform.


Another benefit of the dual-core engine is that Cocos’ breakthroughs in the native space can be applied to web content development through WebAssembly and WebGPU technologies, bringing users more refined graphics, smoother running speeds, and more realistic physics simulation.


WebGPU is a set of browser-based graphics APIs that provide a modern rendering pipeline interface to unleash the power of GPU hardware on the Web, allowing developers to develop near-native performance scenes and achieve more extensive and complex 3D scene representations on the Web using TypeScript and JavaScript.



The latest release of Cocos Creator 3.6.2 has added WebGPU. When the project reaches the platform build, if the developer selects the WebDesktop build platform, the WebGPU checkbox will appear in the suboptions. It can be enabled with a single click.


Some of the synchronization interfaces are still being adapted. In the future, the engine will gradually access features such as ComputeShader based on the WebGPU backend to further enhance the rendering capabilities of the Web platform.



Google AdSense


Recently, Cocos and Google have reached a technical cooperation on game exports. Cocos Creator will be integrated with Google AdSense as a plug-in. In the future, developers can publish their games directly to the Web platform through the engine and directly cash out through Google AdSense.


Google AdSense is a free web advertising cashing tool launched by Google, which is widely used for web-based game cashing in domestic and overseas markets. The integration of Google AdSense with Cocos strongly supports the commercialization of Web games.


In addition, ad formats are one factor affecting the ability to create cash. In addition to the regular ad formats, two new Web ad formats are available – Web version insertion ads and incentive video ads. The variety of ad models will give developers more options and improve the ability to cash in on in-game ads.


Google AdSense is now officially available in the Cocos Store, and developers can download and use it for free.


Google AdSense Plugin Download


With the slowdown of mobile market growth, finding new growth points will become a common problem for game makers at home and abroad. Cocos will continue to do its job as a tool to support the development and realization of multi-terminal content and help more excellent content enter the global Web stage.