Two New Cocos Creator Releases Start 2023
2023.01.31 by Cocos
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This year starts with two new releases. both are adding a few minor bug fixes as well as introducing a new platform for developers at Taobao, one of the largest eCommerce companies in the world. Both Cocos Creator 3.6.3 and 2.4.10 will allow developers to build games that can be played on the Taobao app as mini programs. Though this may only apply to most Chinese game companies, this doesn't exclude many looking to enter the market.


Here are the release notes for bot Cocos Creator 3.6.3 and 2.4.10:


Cocos Creator 3.6.3 Release Notes


In version 3.6.3, we have added support for the Taobao mini program platform and also fixed a series of critical bugs, so we strongly recommend all 3.6 users to upgrade.




- Supported Taobao mini program creative interactive platform,refer toDocumentation - Publish to Taobao mini program creative interactive

- Fixed a crash caused by creating a Spine/DragonBones component on a Node that is not active. #13370

- Fixed DragonBones component refreshing problem in editor #13371

- Fixed Spine/DragonBones component material updating issue on native platform #13416

- Fixed the resource release problem of Spine/DragonBones in cached mode #13419

- Fixed the problem that the skeleton animation using JointTextureLayout will flicker. #13418

- Fixed updateInstancedAttribute binding on Model class #13347

- Added sebind::callFunction with jsThis parameter #13473

- Fixed MessageQueue deadlock #13479

- Fixed the problem that the planar shadow was lost after the model used GPU INSTANCING #13480

- Fixed the problem that when music is played using AudioSource component and the audio will be not stopped when exiting #13528

- Fixed the problem that audio cannot be played by sliding on web platforms #13517

- Fixed an issue where the audio did not stop playing before it was destroyed on the mini-game platform, as well as skipping some unnecessary pause calls #13162

- Fixed the problem that some buttons on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con are not working on Android #13877


Cocos Creator 2.4.11 Release Notes


In version 2.4.11, we fixed some recently found problems, focused on improving the stability of the editor and engine, and solved some native mobile platform related problems, we recommend all 2.x users to upgrade.

This version does not break the compatibility of projects and extensions, so please refer to the 2.4.7 upgrade guide to update. In the future, only critical bug fixes in 2.x will be provided. We strongly recommend 3.x for new users and new projects.


Important Updates

  • Support ASTC compressed GPU texture formatDocumentation

  • Support Taobao mini program creative interactive platformDocumentation

  • Add Auto Watch Files to Cocos Creator -> Preferences -> Gene ral Panel. It is used to control whether to automatically watch for changes to resource files, enabled by default.


When it is closed, Cocos Creator does not automatically listen for changes in the resource files. If you need to refresh them, you can do so in the right-click menu of the specified folder.



Stack Changes

  • Update openssl version to 1.1.1q #300