The New Best WeChat Games Built With Cocos Creator
2020.07.17 by COCOS
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Last year we shared some of the best games coming out in WeChat, also known as the “Creative Mini Games.” These were games that the developers of WeChat wanted to highlight were amazing among the many being shared on the service. Cocos Creator continues to be one of the best engines that creators are using for these games, with some of these games become best-selling apps, such as Minimal Dungeon RPG and Animal Restaurant.

We wanted to update you on the new games that were coming out awarded as "Creative Mini Games" that you should be playing and show off what’s happening in this new generation of games in the Chinese market. If you want to play any, make sure to have WeChat installed on your phone and search for their Chinese name to find it and start playing.

Musical Poet by Shenzhen Wego Technology - 音游诗人

The game reminds us of the classic Nintendo DS game, Elite Beat Agents, or the older mobile game Cytus. You have to tap on the screen at the right time, in tempo with the song, to get a high score. The game also includes harder difficulty levels of the songs you need to unlock. The game sadly only has a lot of older traditional Chinese songs which asks us if it does so well, they can expand on more pop songs of today.

We also featured the game in our Cocos Showcase on YouTube this month, along with a lot of other amazing games.

Copy Master - 复制高高手

This fun puzzle game, built by an anonymous developer, adds an exciting twist to a relatively unused genre of games. Your job is to match the painting someone is thinking about in the exact same way.

Not only do you have to make sure the colors look the same as what the artist is thinking, but adding your own stencils at the right places helps to improve your score. It’s got great art and a cool style to it.

Orange Cat Detective Agency by Shanghai Lexiang Network Technology - 橘猫侦探社

You play an investigator who has just joined the detective agency, whose leader is…an orange cat?! Yes, you're not crazy. The UI of this game sometimes makes you feel like you're using your own WeChat to chat with your amusing colleagues or suspicious clients.

But your phone has a very powerful feature that makes you able to tell whether your clients are lying or not. The experience is immersive and the story is intriguing (and the cat is cute). I really want to know what happens next.

The Mountain and the Other Shore by the Tencent Charitable Foundation - 山与彼岸

The Mountain and the Other Shore is a fantastic puzzle adventure game that allows you to explore some amazing islands and try to solve puzzles as you move along. The art in the game is very impressive and the puzzles are fun and light-hearted.

If you get stuck, you can buy hints by walking in real life, thanks to its integration with the pedometer built into WeRun. An enjoyable way to get people out and about while enjoying this magical game.

Swipe-in Subway by Muyou Games - 进站请刷卡

We don’t have much to say about this game because we already have a long blog post on it that we wrote in May. Let’s just say if you wanted to own a subway company, you found the right simulator for the job.

Mr. Wang’s Garbage Station by Hangzhou Zhihu Network - 王富贵的垃圾站

China is getting tougher on recycling with the government asking some game developers to help educate the population about the new regulations using games. Though we shared some games in the past, this one takes it to a whole new level.

You play a down on his luck guy who discovers wealth from the recycling regulations and decides to build a whole new company from it. You can buy garbage collectors to help you find recyclable trash and food waste to sell to companies and feed livestock, allowing you to create an empire off the recycling revolution. The humor in the game is excellent too.

333 Brain Storm - 333大脑风暴

This is a real puzzle game that looks super easy but gets frustratingly hard as you play. We sadly couldn't find the developer, but thank them for a great game.

You are offered three colors, three shapes, and three surfaces (shiny, wood, and matte). You are then given three objects. Your job is to make an object that either has to be similar to some of the other object’s properties or not similar to its properties.

If your object satisfies all the requirements of the three objects, then you win the stage. You have to love it for its simplicity. Try for yourself with this screenshot.

Highlight the next sentence for the answer: It's an orange circular wooden object. Did you get it right? It took us a bit of time the first time we played.

Remember Me by the Tencent Charitable Foundation - 忆忆海海

This is probably one of the most heartfelt games on our list as a boy volunteers in a nursing home and meets a new friend whose having trouble with Alzheimer's disease. The journey they take together helps them remember the things both may have forgotten.

This “Spot the difference” game comes with a charity aspect to it, asking people to donate to charities in China for those in need.

Watch My Backhand Shot - 我反手就是一枪

The wackiest game on this list is one that has the kid inside me giggling as I try desperately to shoot at my enemies. Sadly, the game is made by an individual with no information.

The game is pretty simple; shoot the enemies with your only defense being your jumping abilities and your offense being an arrangement of fun guns to shoot. One problem, your shooting hand is continually rotating in a circle, making it frustrating to shoot at your opponents.

The style reminds us of the flash games of the past, but all of the fun ones we loved and would love to share with our friends. You have to play this game at least once for the style and humor of the game.