Another Husband And Wife Team Build Their First Game in Three Months
2023.04.18 by Luke
Games Cocos Creator

We’re happy to see people joining the game industry and building fun games with Cocos Creator. Last year we had a husband and wife team make an entertaining puzzle game. This year, a new team on our Chinese forums has released its own game to WeChat. “Sheep Don’t Rabbit” is a fun look at the ever-growing Vampire Survivors genre.



In this version, you are a lonely rabbit fighting off sick sheep coming to infect you. The game gives you many weapons, including cotton swabs, pills, and disinfectant spray to fight back the sheep. The difference in this game compared to others is that it’s friendlier than most interpretations. They are level based, pushing you to fight off the onslaught with different difficulties like “Defeat 50 sheep in 30 seconds.” This brings the game a lot more strategy as you now have to choose which upgrades are more important to get the job done.



The game currently comes with five different weapons, five enemies, ten levels, and an endless mode. Each level lasts about 2-3 minutes for those wanting a quick fight on the go. The game even has a small narration for each level, adding some fun to the overall gameplay.


The brainchild of this game was the team from Fat Tabby Games, a new company that released the game this month. The development started early this year, and the release is three months of work. The team of both husband and wife is becoming a trend within the community, with Fat Tabby saying they are seeing more of his friends adding their wives or girlfriends to game development.



They say the game is still ongoing but wanted to release it soon to the public to get opinions and improve on the gameplay.


Much of their inspiration comes from many great games that have been popping up on our forums.


Sli97’s Cramped Room Of Death(Best played on mobile)


Smash The Hordes