The Biggest Korean Games Using The Cocos Engine

2020.4.22 Other News by COCOS

Lots of games you may not know are using Cocos Creator or Cocos2d-x, and you might not know it. It’s great to see that everyone around the world is using our engine to build games from simple hypercasual, all the way up to full-fledge MMORPGs for the past nine years.  We are versatile, and developers are proving it every day.

We decided to highlight a few hit games from all over the world that are using Cocos products, and this article is focusing on games built in Korea.

Korea has had a long history of game making that affected the PC and mobile market in the East more than the West. Though there are some games like Ragnarok, Audition, and Maple Story that have become multimillion-dollar winners outside the country in China, Taiwan, and other territories, it’s main focus, however, has always been to serve the Korean market with homegrown games.

Here are a few examples of companies in Korea using the Cocos engine:


LINE became the chat app for Korea and Japan since its launch in 2011. It was one of the first places that allowed you to share your achievements and battle your friends playing games that connect with the app. We now see the same in WeChat and Facebook Messanger.

In gaming, there have been a lot of fun games that are part of the company, with LINE Bubble 2 and LINE Let’s Get Rich being our favorites because they use Cocos.

Bubble 2

If this game looks familiar to you older gamers, it should. The game takes the classic Puzzle Bobble (aka Bust-a-Move) and adds a fun story and more gameplay features to the game. The game is colorful, fun, and challenging as most puzzle games are, but is still a popular download in the Korean market.

The game also includes LINE’s memorable mascots Brown the bear and Cony the bunny into the game. This gives it more appeal to those in love with the company’s fun and cute characters who were originally used as stickers to share with friends using the LINE chat app.

Let’s Get Rich

A very popular game in Southeast Asia that allows people to play their own mini-board game that is similar to monopoly. It includes the ability to use special dice that let you control risk and rewards.

Since its release in 2014, tournaments, as well as marriages, have been formed from the game. It’s still a top game around the world.


One of the biggest casino developers in Korea, DoubleU has multiple casino games under its name and their USA name, DoubleDown Interactive. They’ve built a lot of games, and happy a few are with Cocos.

DoubleU Casino

This game has multiple different slot machines for you to try out and win big. If you don’t like one, you can always try the other 99 different slots available along with video slots as well.

.And, even if you are losing, the game is always happy to supply more tokens daily to let you play for a lot longer than you might have hoped.


One of the biggest gaming companies in the country. They have been releasing games for the domestic market since 2000. They have been releasing games for mostly the PC and mobile market with Cocos-built games being released on mobile.

세븐나이츠 (Seven Knights)

Though it’s an older title, the game continues to be a big hit with gamers and is celebrating its 6th anniversary. With the game still being updated for today’s phones, it shows that the Cocos engine is resilient and flexible enough to stand the sands of time.

The game is an idle battle game similar to another game we highlighted this year, AFK Arena. This is one of the originals and still one of the best, according to Korean fans.


This company built its entire game empire on cookies. No, we aren’t joking! Their Cookie Run series has won them many awards and many players for many years. Since their first Cookie Run game in 2013, the company has been cooking up gameplay that millions of players have been sinking their teeth on.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak

The game has you playing the gingerbread man GingerBrave as he tries to escape the tastebuds of the evil witch trying to cook him and eat him.

The fun comes from this runner game in its cute appeal and competitions for the highest score on different levels. The game continues to be updated as the successor is still in development.

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