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Use Cocos development tools or use third party services through Cocos can greatly reduce game development and operating costs

Integrated game development tool centered on content creation

Cocos Creator is a script development, entity-component and data-driven game development tool focused on content creation. It comes with an easy-to-follow content production workflow and a powerful suite of developer tools for game logic and high-performance game creation

  • All-in-one editor: Includes an all-in-one, extensible editor that simplifies resource management, game debugging and previewing, and multi-platform publishing. Allows designers to deeply participate in the game development process, making quick edits and iterations during the game development cycle. Support for Windows and Mac systems.
  • 2D and 3D: Supports both 2D and 3D game development with features that meet the specific needs of your various game types. Deep optimization of the editor experience and engine performance of pure 2D games and built-in support for middleware such as Spine, DragonBones, TiledMap, Box2D, and Texture Packer.
  • Open source engine: Cocos Creator's engine is completely open source, and retains the advantages of Cocos2d-x which includes high performance, customizable, easy to debug, easy to learn, and small package size.
  • Cross-platform: Cocos Creator supports all major platforms allowing games to be quickly released to the web, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and various mini-game platforms. A pure JavaScript-developed engine runtime is available on the web and mini-game platforms for better performance and smaller packages. On other native platforms, C++ is used to implement the underlying framework, providing greater operational efficiency.
  • JavaScript: You can use JavaScript to develop games, quickly preview and debug on real machines, and update your published games. TypeScript is also supported and can be mixed with JavaScript at the same time.
  • Efficient workflow: Cocos Creator prefabs are pre-configured game objects that provide an efficient and flexible workflow that allows designers to confidently create their work without having to worry about time-consuming mistakes.
  • UI: The built-in UI system allows you to create user interfaces quickly and intuitively.
  • Custom tools: You can extend the editor functionality to match your team's workflow with a variety of tools you need. Create or add custom plugins or find the resources you need in the plugin store. There are hundreds of examples, tools, and plugins in the plugin store that can help you speed up your project.

Open Source Cross-Platform Game Development Framework

The engine provides rich functions such as graphics rendering, GUI, audio, network, physics, user input, etc., and is widely used in game development and interactive application construction. Its core is written in C++ and supports development in C++, Lua. Cocos2d-x deploys to iOS, Android, Windows and Mac systems with features focused on native mobile platforms.

Selected high-quality technical solutions providers

There are two main purposes for Cocos Service. One is to maximize the convenience of accessing each service from the client. The second is to provide specifications to access the service and corresponding technical support.

  • User value: An easy to use API that makes developing and deploying the services very easy.
  • Third-party value: Quality service requires more users. Cocos Service is the most effective and most direct channel for game developers to get more users.
  • Cocos Analytics: Accurately understand how your game is being played and by what types of players. Cocos Analytics provides the data you need to know!
  • Sound network: A built-in real-time audio SDK. Sound network is stable, low-power, 76ms ultra-low latency globally (200+ data center coverage).

Help with reaching your development goals with the most professional technology

To help your development team using the Cocos engine solve technical problems, improve development efficiency and reduce development costs, the official Cocos team has created a paid technical support service for this purpose, which includes technical support, corporate training and project evaluation.

  • Technical support: Answer questions from your development team, solve the technical problems encountered during the development process, and accelerate the path to releasing to production.
  • Enterprise training: According to the needs of enterprises, tailor-made training courses for developers, through face-to-face technical training, improve the skill level of enterprise developers, and accelerate the overall technical strength of the company.
  • Project Evaluation: Provide complete technical assessment and assess efficiency for projects.
  • VIP service: Provides full-service support including technical support, corporate training, project evaluation, etc. In addition, Cocos has over a million developers and these developers participate in online forums. This offers a wealth of online resources that can help companies further influence and enhance their brands as well as obtain community based support 24/7/365.